Police Have Revealed Shocking New Details About the Arrest of Chris Christie’s Crazy Niece

Police Have Revealed Shocking New Details About the Arrest of Chris Christie’s Crazy Niece

The story about Chris Christie’s niece is wild and getting wilder. Cops just revealed new info and based on her behavior this woman should probably be in rehab. Maybe Chris should stop bashing Trump and focus on his dysfunctional family because they need the help. Besides being violent and a racist, she also appeared, by her behavior, to be doing drugs and/or drinking at 6 o’clock in the morning. Would you like eggs with your meth? Obviously, I don’t know if she’s a drug user and am being sarcastic, but again, her behavior has many people wondering if that could be the case. After all, police say she was foaming at the mouth, kicking, hitting, and screaming that she “knows Donald Trump.” At one point, she did one of those “Do you know who I am?” type moves and then tried to say she was Chris Christie’s daughter.

Well, after her stint in jail for assaulting police officers, let’s hope Chris gets his messed-up family member some help, for the of God.

The New York Post reported that former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s niece was likely drunk and high when she was kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight, displaying “unusual strength” and foaming from the mouth as she fought off cops and shouted, “Do you know who I am?”

Shannon Epstein allegedly caused the ruckus on a 6 a.m. flight from New Orleans, Louisiana, to New Jersey on Thanksgiving Day, and was kicked off after she had acted aggressively and asked a Latino family sitting nearby if they were “smuggling cocaine.”

The 25-year-old refused to get off the jetway and shouted at responding officers, according to police documents obtained by The Post.

“I heard Epstein berate Deputy Ducos and the two agents,” an officer with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office wrote in the report. “Epstein refused to follow their direction to exit the jetway.”

“Epstein screamed: ‘Are you serious? Do you know who I am? I’m related to some very powerful people and I need to get back on that plane to New Jersey,’” the report said.

She later screamed: “Do you know who I am? I’m Chris Christie’s daughter and you’re so f—ed. You will lose your job over this s—. I know Donald Trump.”

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The ex-governor’s niece displayed behavior consistent with having consumed alcohol and drugs before the early morning flight, cops said in their report.

At one point she “broke free” as officers tried to handcuff her, forcing cops to block her path. She “was belligerent and displayed unusual strength” during the struggle, according to the report.

The niece of the ex-gov and failed 2016 presidential candidate “slurred her words” and “had white foam coming from the sides of her mouth.

“Epstein punched me, kicked me, spit in my face, and twisted as she attempted to free herself from my grip,” the officer writing the report said.

That’s when she again brought up her famous uncle, but claimed she was his daughter — and also said she knew former President Trump.

Epstein continued her screed against the police: “By this time tomorrow you will both be in jail. What the f— did I do? I’m a lesbian. Is that it? Do you want put your dick in me? That’s it, isn’t it. That’s what this is all about? You want to put your dick in my mouth, don’t you? You’re so f—ed, you asshole.”

Epstein continued to be violent after going on the drunken tirade, cops said, which forced them to tackle her to the floor. She then bit an officer’s left bicep and “tore the skin away.” She also scratched the officer’s left leg as she attempted to kick him in the groin, police said.

Officers were eventually able to handcuff her, but she continued to “struggle against handcuff, kick, spit on deputies, and attempt to break free,” according to the report. When asked if she was aware what was happening, she responded: “I’m very aware.”

“Do you guys think I have cocaine in my p—y?” she asked, then screamed for several minutes, according to the report.

My God, this woman is an absolute menace and probably a meth user.

Also, someone should tell her that her Uncle Chris has been bashing President Trump non-stop, and even wrote a nasty book, so I don’t think President Trump would be rushing to help this big mouth.

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