We’ve Got Photos of All CNN “On-Air” Talent Who Were Fired…Including One Big-Time Trump-Hater

We’ve Got Photos of All CNN “On-Air” Talent Who Were Fired…Including One Big-Time Trump-Hater

We told you yesterday that big layoffs were coming at CNN. The word on the street was that “hundreds” of people were getting axed. We said it wouldn’t be worth it if they didn’t let go of Jim Acosta and Don Lemon. Because if CNN is really serious about earning back viewers who aren’t unhinged TDS nutbags, they need to get rid of those two. One of the biggest mistakes new boss Chris Licht has made was not firing Lemon and Acosta. All he did was demote Lemon to a goofy morning show that nobody watches.

Thus far, Chris Licht has failed to understand that he has a “personality” problem at CNN. The people who are still there have Stage 5 TDS and have been spewing hate and division for eons now. They just can’t all of a sudden “seem impartial” to those of us who have been watching them behave like unhinged bullies and emotional wrecks on camera and online for nearly 7 years now.

But on one happy note, CNN did get rid of one big-time Trump hater.

All in all, there were a total of six on-air personalities who were let go.

Here are the photos of the on-air talent who were fired, starting with Stage 5 TDS lunatic, Chris Cizilla.

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The New York Post reported that CNN boss Chris Licht has gutted sister network HLN, terminating all live programming as part of ongoing layoffs and budget cuts.

Licht slashed HLN’s “Morning Express with Robin Meade,” as well as “Weekend Express,” he announced in a memo to CNN’s remaining staff on Thursday.

Meade and HLN’s live news programming staffers will be among those fired.

Also getting their pink slips Thursday were prominent CNN correspondents Alison Kosik, Martin Savidge, Alex Field, Mary Ann Fox and Chris Cillizza, according to Variety.

CNN declined to comment on the overall number of job cuts when reached by The Post.

But Licht has also targeted staffers working on longform storytelling, as well as paid contributors.

“In some areas, we will rely more on our CNN journalists,” Licht said in the memo. “Overall, we will engage contributors who are subject-matter experts that expand and diversify the viewpoints we bring our audience.”

Licht, who announced he’ll hold a town hall Tuesday, explained the restructuring in his memo.

“Our goal throughout the strategic review process has been to better align our people, processes and resources with our future priorities, strengthen our ability to deliver on CNN’s core journalistic mission and enable us to innovate in the years ahead,” Licht wrote in his memo.  “At the highest level, the goal is to direct our resources to best serve and grow audiences for our core news programming and products.”

Licht is also expected to unveil details of a new daytime lineup for CNN in the coming days, as sources wondered about the futures of high-salaried anchors like Briana Keiler, John Berman, Chris Wallace, Kasie Hunt and Audie Cornish.

A source with knowledge said those anchors are not on the chopping block, but could find homes in open programming slots.

Licht confirmed that beginning Dec. 6, CNN would no longer produce live programming for HLN, formally known as Headline News, and would instead simulcast “CNN This Morning.”

HLN crime programming will move under the WBD Networks, led by Kathleen Finch, and will be merged with the ID cable channel.

As for CNN, one media insider said Licht still faces enormous challenges even after the cuts. Not only is he tasked with lifting the ratings of the third-place network, but he has to remake the daytime and primetime lineup and fill CNN’s important 9 p.m. slot still open after the firing of disgraced anchor Chris Cuomo in late 2021.

CNN needs a massive overall.

If you ask me, right now they’re just putting a bandaid on a gushing wound.

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