Comedian Father of 12 Gives Parents Some Tips For Holiday Shoppping

Comedian Father of 12 Gives Parents Some Tips For Holiday Shoppping

Nick Cannon has a history of making jokes about his private life. He made the decision to provide the public a sneak glimpse into the Christmas buying process for his several children this season.

Since 2011, Cannon has given birth to 11 children with six different women, and another one is on the way, according to USA Today. He almost has a full basketball team on his hands, so one can only imagine that he has a lengthy Christmas buying list. He recently said that he has already begun purchasing gifts and has opted to shop online rather than in physical locations.

To discuss how his holiday shopping is going so far, the actor created a humorous one-minute-long TikTok video titled “Nick Cannon’s Christmas Shopping.”



“The holidays are soon. And because of me, there are now 8 billion people on the planet, the Wild ‘N Out host remarked at the start of the clip.

But my work is not finished. It’s time to start your holiday shopping online. We also have a ton of things to buy based on the baby mom to child ratio. Let’s move!” he exclaimed.

He stated that he already has a list from his “adorable and joyful offspring,” and he is up to the challenge. What begins as a happy video quickly transforms into a dad who is comically upset and realizes he might be in over his head. Cannon makes some of his children’s extravagant present requests known in the video. Some of the present suggestions included a dolphin and the entire Lakers team.

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The comic was searching up gifts when he quipped, “I didn’t get none of this crap when I was a kid. You know what my dad gave me, right? an object. referred to me as “Stick Cannon”

Even though it might be time for Cannon to pick up a few more assignments to make sure everyone is content, he sent good wishes to everyone this season. He asked how much money he could make from one kidney as he concluded the video.

He wished them a happy holiday from his large family to theirs. Yes, how much will you pay me for this kidney?



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Charlene Greenway
1 month ago

Six women and eleven children, is he trying single handed to re-populate the planet. Th*se six women,LOL

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