37-Year-Old Country Music Star Dies Suddenly, Hours After His Wedding

37-Year-Old Country Music Star Dies Suddenly, Hours After His Wedding

Well, here we are again, with another story about a young, seemingly healthy person, who died suddenly. This is happening so often now, I can’t keep up with the stories. And it makes me wonder how many of these deaths are happening that we don’t know about – the average Americans who don’t make the news? It’s scary, and what makes all of this scarier, is that we’re supposed to sit here and pretend all of this is normal.

Well, it’s not normal. Not one single bit. 

And this story is so sad. An up-and-coming country music star is dead now. He died suddenly at only 37-years-old, and the really horrific part is that he died just hours after his wedding.

Breitbart reported that up-and-coming country singer star Jake Flint died hours after his marriage this past Saturday at the age of 37.

Flint, whose career kickstarted in 2018 when he won breakout artist of the year at the We Are Tulsa Music Awards, reportedly died in his sleep following the wedding for reasons that have yet-to-be-revealed.

In a statement to The Oklahoman, Flint’s longtime publicist, Clif Doyal, confirmed his passing.

“He was not only a client, he was a dear friend and just a super nice guy,” Doyal told the outlet. “As you can see from the outpouring on social media, he was loved by everybody. I think a lot of it was just that he was a people person, and he had an amazing sense of humor. He made everybody laugh, and he made everybody feel welcome.”

“He was an ambassador for Oklahoma Red Dirt music,” Doyal added.

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Flint’s widow, Brenda Flint, reflected on her grief in a Facebook post on Tuesday, sharing that her “heart is gone” due to his sudden death.

“We should be going through wedding photos but instead I have to pick out clothes to bury my husband in. People aren’t meant to feel this much pain. My heart is gone and I just really need him to come back. I can’t take much more. I need him here,” she wrote.

Likewise, Flint’s former manager, Brend Cline, said she “loved him much like a son.”

“I loved him much like a son,” she wrote in a Facebook post. “The funniest, most hilarious, hardest working, dedicated artist I have ever worked with in my career. We were just about to embark on some business together after he and Brenda got married- which was yesterday. Yes-yesterday. Jake has a million friends and I’m not sure how everyone will cope with this tragic loss.”

“We need prayers- it’s all so surreal. Please please pray for his new wife Brenda, Jake’s precious mother, his sister and the rest of his family and friends. This is going to be incredibly difficult for so many. We love you Jake and in our hearts forever,” she added.


None of this is normal. I know I keep saying that, but it’s true. Thirty-seven-year-old people don’t just “drop dead.”

When are we going to start talking seriously about all these “sudden deaths” that are killing young people, and address the massive Pfizer elephant that’s in the room?

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