[VIDEO] Coyote Snatches Toddler Off Drive Way, Starts Dragging Her Away, Before Dad Steps in and Saves Her

[VIDEO] Coyote Snatches Toddler Off Drive Way, Starts Dragging Her Away, Before Dad Steps in and Saves Her

Well, it doesn’t get much scarier than this, folks. Not only do you have to be careful about an overabundance of sex traffickers and pedophiles in California, but apparently, you also need to watch out for wildlife running up and stealing your kids. Things got really hairy in Woodland Hills last Friday when a dad and his toddler were getting out of the car. Dad was leaning into the car, seemingly grabbing things out from the passenger side of the vehicle, while his little girl wobbled around on the lawn, right next to the driver’s side… when suddenly, out of nowhere, this coyote rushes up and grabs the little girl… she falls to the ground, screaming and the coyote begins dragging her away by her coat jacket.

Dad hears her screams, looks up, and darts over, screaming and yelling at the animal, as he scooped up his terrified young daughter.

It was all caught on a doorbell camera, and it’s quite amazing and scary to see.

ABC 7 reported that a doorbell video shows a coyote attack a young girl on the front lawn of a Woodland Hills home and try to drag her away until her father chases the animal off.

Footage captures the coyote bolt toward the unsuspecting child and drag her by the leg for a couple of feet before her father rescues her.

The girl instantly cries for help when she’s attacked.

Just moments before, the girl was on the front lawn as her father was still rummaging through the family’s SUV. Her father quickly reacted to her screams and picked her up into his arms after the coyote took off.

The terrifying attack happened Friday in the 22400 block of Martha Street, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

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It appeared the girl avoided serious injury from the attack.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is handling the case. It’s unknown if the animal was captured.

You can watch the video below:

That coyote was fully prepared to drag that child back to the den and eat her.

These days it seems like you can’t take your eyes off your kids even for a minute, without all hell breaking loose.

Really scary stuff.

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