Ford Tells Electric Truck Owners to Forgo Using the Heater in Winter if They Want Extended Battery Life

Ford Tells Electric Truck Owners to Forgo Using the Heater in Winter if They Want Extended Battery Life

Can you imagine paying $60K for a truck, and the manufacturer tells you not to use the heater in the winter? I’d tell them to go take a hike. But that’s apparently what’s going on over at Ford. That’s right if you live in places like North Dakota, or Minnesota, you’ll just have to freeze your butt off whenever you get in your car if you want to extend the life of your battery charge. And if you develop hypothermia, just send the ambulance and ER bills to Ford. We wish this was a joke, but it’s not.

Western Journal discovered that on the Ford website, there’s a page dedicated to “maximizing” the range of your Ford Lightning electric truck battery, and they’ve got some doozy recommendations, folks.

Bundle up!

Here’s what the webpage says:

The Ford F-150® Lightning™ pickup has been tested in extreme cold conditions. It endured months of real-world winter driving in Alaska and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Its battery has been subjected to temperatures as high as 140°F to as low as minus 40°F in Ford’s atmospheric test chambers. However, all-electric vehicles experience energy decreases in cold temperatures due to battery cell chemistry. Temperatures below 40°F cause the electrolyte fluid to become sluggish, limiting how much power is available to discharge and how quickly the vehicle’s battery can charge. As F-150 Lightning customers across the United States and Canada begin their first winter with their new electric pickup, Ford wants to help make them aware that in low temperatures they could see a significant reduction in range, which is normal.

Some of these suggestions are perfectly normal. However, things start going south around #3 and last until #5.

If I had a Ford Lightning and had to go through all this work just to take a trip in it, I’d wonder if I financed a new car or a troubled teenager.

1. Park your F-150 Lightning in a garage whenever possible.

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2. Keep your F-150 Lightning plugged in when parked.

3. If planning a longer commute, precondition your vehicle using departure times to warm the battery while plugged-in by using the FordPass app or your trucks center screen.

4. If equipped, use the heated seats and steering wheel as primary heat to reduce energy consumed by HVAC.

5. When charging, turn off the heater if possible, or lower the temperature enough to remain comfortable. (Especially when using DCFC)

6. If your F-150 Lightning is covered with snow, brush all the snow off before driving to eliminate extra weight and drag.

7. Keep driving speeds moderate in cold temperatures as high speeds use more energy.

8. Ensure your tires are at the proper pressure.

How on earth is somebody in -40 degrees with the wind chill factor going to cruise around without the heater on?

I get it, they’re telling you how to get the most “charge” out of your battery, but at what cost? Not being comfortable in your $60K truck?

No, thank you.

If I pay that much, the damn thing better cart me around like a queen in a golden chariot.

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