[LISTEN] Frequent Fox News Guest Busted On Hot Mic Trashing Network, Viewers, Watters, and Tucker

[LISTEN] Frequent Fox News Guest Busted On Hot Mic Trashing Network, Viewers, Watters, and Tucker

You should never bite the hand that feeds you… and one regular Fox News guest is learning that lesson the hard way, after he was busted on a hot mic, trashing the network. “Barstool Sports” comedian Francis Ellis let his true feelings fly free when he didn’t know anybody else was listening. But unlucky for him, everyone was listening. during a hot mic moment, Ellis trashed the network, viewers, and host Tucker Carlson, whose show he often appears on.


He was found out, after an “editing error” during Tuesday’s episode of Barstool Rundown.



Monday, Ellis came crawling back to Fox News, and appeared on Jesse Watters Primetime, and said he was “disappointed” in himself.


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Bizpacreview reported that Ellis told Rone that Watters “wanted me to talk about how Democrats in Massachusetts want to lower the voting age to 16.” “I did a To Catch a Predator joke,” he shared. “I had a QAnon reference in there.”

The comedian admitted the segment didn’t go as well as he’d have liked.

“I was like, I’m trying too hard,” he said.

Rone noted that Watters began his career at Fox doing “man on the street” interviews for Bill O’Reilly and wondered if Ellis would be interested in a similar path to Fox News stardom.

“They have asked me to do man on the street for them, and I had to say no,” Ellis said. “They wanted me to take like this subway bingo card down into the subway and be like — ask random strangers, ‘Have you seen a rat, fill out your bingo card thing?’ And it was like so stupid.”

“But what if they offered you not just a segment, but what if they’re like ‘Francis, we want you to do the eight o’clock to nine o’clock hour!’” Ferrone pressed.

“Well, yeah, I mean then that would be — I’d have to have a conversation with [Barstool Sports founder] Dave [Portnoy] for sure,” he replied. “Like, ‘Hey, I have a full-time job being offered to me at Fox News.’”

And that’s where the enthusiasm for the host and the network that repeatedly blesses him with air time ended.

Turns out, neither Ellis nor his wife is a fan of Fox News, its hosts, or the people who tune in. Evidently, he’s only in it to see his face on television.

“Look, I got home. I talked my wife about it cause I was disappointed in myself and she was like, ‘Let’s be honest, like, do you want to be working with these f–king people?’” he confided to Ferrone.

His wife, the world now knows, is not impressed with Jesse Watters, a fact Watters will surely be surprised to learn.

“She was like, ‘I watched the rest of his show — he’s a f–king joke,’” Ellis said of the host.

Ellis was warned that the conversation was being taped. Ferrone even joked that “this is still part of the ‘Rundown,’” and someone in the audio engineer booth quipped, “Still rolling baby!”

But that didn’t seal Ellis’s lips. He then focused his disdain for Fox News on its most controversial host.

“And then like, Tucker comes on and just screams,” he said, referring to Tucker Carlson. “It’s so weird.”

“They’re just trafficking in hate,” he stated.

Just in case he hadn’t completely obliterated his credibility with Fox News, he took aim at the network’s viewers, claiming they are just too stupid to know a joke when they hear one.

“What if they offer you a traffic cop position, direct the hate traffic?” Ferrone asked.

“No, because last night I was like, yes, the Democrats are like eating children beneath pizza shops,” he said.

The so-called “joke” was an oft-cited reference to a Q-Anon conspiracy involving a D.C. pizza joint, Ping Pong Comet, and child sex trafficking.

“There are people watching that, who don’t know that I’m f–king with them,” he said. “They’re like, ‘Finally a young, handsome person is saying it!’”

A producer attempted to make Ellis feel better about his duplicity.

“Are you Jesus?” the producer asked. “What are you gonna fix everybody? Come on bro. You’re there to tell jokes.”

“I’m not here to fix people,” Ellis replied, “but I’m certainly not here to like further divide the country.”

So, to recap, it appears Ellis can’t stand Fox News, Fox News hosts, or Fox News’ “dumb” viewers, but if they offered him a job, he’d be totally good with it.

Here’s the bottom line, nearly everyone on “our side” is a fake, opportunistic phony… and people wonder why Trump was surrounded by liars and backstabbers… all these politicians and media people are scumbags, no matter what “side” they pretend to be on.

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