Father of Murdered Idaho College Student Believes His Daughter Was The Likely Target

Father of Murdered Idaho College Student Believes His Daughter Was The Likely Target

The murder of the four Idaho college students is a mystery. Police still don’t have a suspect, and many fear the case will grow cold, and the killer will get away with slaughtering four young lives. But a crime this big and bold is usually solved fairly quickly in this day and age, but for whatever reason, police can’t seem to solve this one. That’s leaving the parents very frustrated, and they’ve been speaking out against the police’s wishes, but you can’t blame them, they just lost their children in the most brutal way ever.

The father of Kaylee Gonclaves appeared on Fox News to discuss the case, and he’s convinced, based on what he knows about the case, and just plain “common sense,” that his daughter or her best friend Maddison, were the intended targets.

The New York Post reported that the father of one of the four University of Idaho students murdered in their home last month said in a new interview that he believes his daughter or her best friend was targeted by their killer.

The heartbroken dad of slain student Kaylee Goncalves told “Fox & Friends” that he believes that either Kaylee, 21, or her best friend, Madison Mogen, also 21, was targeted based on their location inside the three-story home, a distance away from the killer’s likely entry point.

Steven Goncalves said “common sense” and “logic” suggest that either of the pair was the intended victim because they were killed in a bed on the third floor of the home when police have said the suspect entered through a back slider on the second floor.

“To me, [the killer] doesn’t have to go upstairs,” he said. “His entry and exit are available without having to go upstairs or downstairs … I’m using logic that he chose to go up there when he didn’t have to.”

Investigators initially said they believed the Nov. 13 attack in which the two college seniors, their 20-year-old roommate, Xana Kernodle, and her 20-year-old boyfriend, Ethan Chapin, were stabbed to death in their off-campus home was a targeted crime.

However, on Wednesday, they walked back that assertion — stating that detectives don’t know if the home or any of the victims were specifically targeted.

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“I’m just putting the dots together,” Steve Goncalves told “Fox & Friends” hosts following an earlier interview with the station in which he stated that the ways his daughter and Mogen were killed “don’t match.”

I’ll cut to the chase — their means of death don’t match,” he told Fox News on Saturday.

“Their points of damage don’t match.”

Steve Goncalves said he couldn’t say whether he believed his daughter or Maddison was the intended target based on their apparently different injuries when asked about his previous comments on “Fox & Friends.”

”I asked for permission to do just that, and [investigators] said no,” he said. “I probably over-disclosed information that they wish I wouldn’t have said, but the story’s going cold.”

Kaylee Goncalves and Maddison Mogen, who were best friends for years, were sleeping in the same bed in a third-floor bedroom when they were killed.

But the million-dollar question is if these two girls were the target(s), why did the killer(s) murder the other two people on another floor, and did they bypass the other two roommates on the bottom floor because their doors were locked?

Could the murderer have killed those other two people to throw police off the trial?

So many questions are left unanswered.

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