Oh, Lordy…Check Out This Goofy New Photo of Kamala and French President Macron

Oh, Lordy…Check Out This Goofy New Photo of Kamala and French President Macron

I guess it’s fitting that they have Kamala “in charge” of all things NASA since she’s such a far-out space cadet. I mean, they have to give her something to do, right? She certainly isn’t making a run for the border to fix the chaotic, dangerous, and horrific mess she and Joe made, so might as well have her gazing at the stars for the next couple of years. And speaking of gazing. The US is hosting French President Macron and his wife, and yesterday, Kamala met with him, and she was caught on camera, staring at him, like a love-sick bobbysoxer.

Wait until you see this photo. Trust me, that goofy woman couldn’t look any more smitten if she tried.

So, what were the two so-called “leaders” doing together, anyway?

Well, they were talking about space flight to the moon, and Kamala had stars in her eyes for the French President.

Politico reported that as America plots a way for mankind to take its first steps back on the moon since 1972, Emmanuel Macron just wants to make sure the first European to go is French.

“I have a candidate for you for flying to the moon,” the French president told U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris as the two met at NASA headquarters Wednesday, according to a video posted on social media.

The contender standing next to him was Thomas Pesquet, a 44-year-old Frenchman first selected as a European Space Agency astronaut in 2009, who has since been to the International Space Station twice.

The U.S. government is aiming to return humans to the surface of the moon around 2025 under the third stage of its Artemis program. The first mission, the unmanned Artemis 1, is set to splash down in the Pacific Ocean on December 11, with Artemis 2 set to make the same journey around the moon but with humans onboard.

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The third Artemis mission, which won’t happen until 2025 at the earliest, will then aim to transport humans back to the lunar surface.

“He wants to go to Artemis 3,” Macron said of Pesquet in the video posted to his personal Twitter account, putting his compatriot forward as a willing candidate.

The ESA already provides propulsion modules for the Artemis missions, which allow NASA’s Orion rocket to maneuver in orbit. Under a barter deal, those technology deliveries then secure the Paris-based ESA seats on manned space missions.

However, the standing deal was not expected to include a spot on Artemis 3 and, regardless, the ESA’s management, not national leaders, usually decides which of the serving astronauts are put forward for international missions.

Here’s the picture. You can just hear the flirty cackles from here, can’t you?

She’s such a strange bird.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“She’s probably thinking, “oh, so this is what a duly elected president looks like…” 

“Why couldn’t Joe look like you???” 

“Kamala’s thinking, my guy has tapioca breath” 

“This woman is an embarrassment on every level of life” 

“God, I hope she didn’t cackle” 

“She’s holding in one of her famous cackles” 

Wherever Kamala goes, humiliation and failure follow very close behind.

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