Meghan McCain Gets Ugly Reminder of What a Rotten Candiate Her Dad Was, After Trying to Slam Trump

Meghan McCain Gets Ugly Reminder of What a Rotten Candiate Her Dad Was, After Trying to Slam Trump

Establishment “Republicans” and NeverTrumpers want to blame President Trump for any loss we suffered in the midterms, or the recent loss in Georgia. Meanwhile, the trifecta from hell: McCarthy, McConnell, and McDaniel worked together to screw ALL MAGA candidates over and the ballot harvesting, which the GOP has known about, and could have combated, bit us in the butt yet again. The GOP is not only worthless, they’re also our biggest enemy.

Politico reported that as scandals involving domestic violence and abortion dribbled out over the summer and into the fall, something unexpected happened. Walker remained viable despite his flaws, his brand equity pulling him nearly even on Election Day in November.

“That image helped him survive the punishing onslaught that he received,” said Steven Law, head of the Senate Leadership Fund, a conservative super PAC. “I mean, I think a lot of other candidates would have been out of the running.”

But on Tuesday evening, Walker’s ability to stay afloat politically ended. He became the latest GOP candidate to fail to secure a Senate bid, falling to Democratic incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock in the state’s runoff election.

In the end, Walker remained a strong and viable challenger, losing to Warnock by what is likely to be just a couple percentage points when the final votes are tallied. The margin was close enough that the quality of Walker’s campaign mattered.

Interviews with a dozen campaign staff members and Republican operatives working with the Walker campaign suggest that it wasn’t just the candidate who had flaws — the campaign itself was hampered by poor decision-making.

Some said that Walker and his wife, Julie Blanchard Walker, never fully empowered his team to make decisions, frequently questioning suggestions and plans by veteran campaign operatives. The pair insisted on spending what aides described as an “excessive” amount of time poring over proposals for every campaign stop, bottlenecking planning. That included wanting to spend significant time in heavily Democratic areas to woo Black voters…

Clearly, Walker could have won that race, but it was less about the “scandals,” because let me tell you something, in this day and age these personal scandals will not move the dial much. Nobody on earth believes that old fairy tale that political figures are “saints.”

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So, if you’re claiming this was Trump’s fault, you’re either low-info and lazy, or you have Stage 5 TDS.

and speaking of “Stage 5 TDS” and blaming President Trump, one the biggest Trump-haters around used the GA senate race to try to backhandedly attack President Trump and it blew up in her face when someone pointed out what a rotten candidate her father was.

Meghan tweeted out “CANDIDATE QUALITY MATTERS,” completely forgetting what a horrid candidate her father was.

But don’t worry, a Trump supporter reminded her:

As usual, Meghan should have kept her big yap shut.

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Charlene Greenway
1 month ago

McCain’s jealousy of Tr*mp is the reason we still have obamacare.

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