[VIDEO] Hilarious 17-Second Tribute to Michael Avenatti, as He Heads Off to Prison for Another 14 Years LOL

[VIDEO] Hilarious 17-Second Tribute to Michael Avenatti, as He Heads Off to Prison for Another 14 Years LOL

Remember when CNN seriously suggested that Michael Avenatti was a contender for the 2020 election? They had him on their network a bazillion times, and presented him as a professional, reputable pundit, when in fact, he was a complete fraud and huckster… and now we know he’s a criminal who extorted Nike, and stole money from his client, Stormy Daniels, all while telling her wasn’t getting paid. I mean, it really serves her right, since he was a huckster and liar, too. Two peas in a pod, if you ask me. In the end, Michael is getting what he deserves. He is currently serving a 5-year sentence for the Nike crime, and he was just handed down another 14-year sentence for defrauding his clients.

This guy won’t see the light of day for a really, really long time.

Fox News reported that Michael Avenatti was sentenced to 14 years in prison on Monday for cheating four former clients out of millions of dollars and trying to obstruct the IRS from collecting payroll taxes from a coffee shop that he owned.

It caps off a stunning fall from grace for the former attorney, who is already serving five years in prison for stealing book proceeds from porn actress Stormy Daniels and trying to extort Nike out of $25 million.

The 14-year sentence handed down on Monday will run consecutively to the five years that he is already serving in previous cases, U.S. District Judge James V. Selna ruled.

Avenatti, who addressed his victims in court on Monday, was also ordered to pay $7 million in restitution.

“I am deeply remorseful and contrite,” Avenatti said in court before the sentencing. “There is no doubt that all of them deserve much better, and I hope that someday they will accept my apologies and find it in their heart to forgive me.”

Prosecutors laid out in a 36-count indictment how Avenatti collected a $4 million settlement from Los Angeles County for a man who was paralyzed from injuries he sustained while in custody of law enforcement. Avenatti used the funds for his coffee business and personal expenses, paying the man “advances” of no more than $1,900 at a time.

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Avenatti obtained a $3 million settlement for another client in early 2017 and used most of the money for a private jet, then lied to the client by saying the settlement would be paid out in monthly payments over several years.

For the tax fraud charge, Avenatti failed to pay more than $3 million in payroll taxes related to his coffee business and then tried to stop the IRS from collecting the unpaid taxes.

Prosecutor Brett Sagel characterized Avenatti as a serial fraudster.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a proper send-off to Michael, unless Trump supporters made him a “farewell” video, and I think you’ll enjoy this one a lot!

You can watch the video below:

Good luck, Michael. I hope those “handcuffs” come in handy!

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