Nancy Grace Shares Bone-Chilling Updates On Idaho Murder Suspect’s Private Life

Nancy Grace Shares Bone-Chilling Updates On Idaho Murder Suspect’s Private Life

The guy who police say murdered four innocent people in a house a short way away from the university sounds like a real nut job. And yes, I understand that anyone who commits murder has issues, but this guy, if you ask me, is a serial killer gone wild. Nancy Grace shared some of the bizarre things that this guy is said to have done in his private life, and he has the a-typical Ted Bundy “serial killer” persona.

One of Kohberger’s high school friends said that when they were close, Bryan was a sweet, chubby kid. But when school resumed after the summer, Bryan was back and he was thin as a rail and had a major personality change. He became aggressive and always wanted to fight people; he was 100 percent different, and that’s when his high school friend had enough and walked away.

This fits in with what Nancy describes in terms of his control-freak ways.

His type-a personality and OCD are bone-chilling. You listen to this stuff and can just picture him being the type to creep into a house and kill four people, single-handily.

Fox News reported on what Nancy had to say about the suspect:

“He didn’t go in to steal. He didn’t go in to rape anybody. He went into that home with the intent to kill,” Grace said.

“Take a look at this guy. Would it surprise you to see him, that face staring in your bathroom window? Because it would not surprise me.”

Kohberger was reportedly studying to get a Ph.D. in criminal justice and had already received a master’s degree in criminology. Grace highlighted his education as a noteworthy revelation.

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“This guy has got a master’s degree in criminology. He’s currently working on a Ph.D. in criminal justice. Yet he drove the getaway car all the way and parked it outside of Mommy’s house. Are you kidding me?” she said.

“Another thing we know about this guy. He has been described as obsessively vegan to the point that he made his parents get rid of their pots and pans,” the Fox Nation host added. “He is obsessive. He is fastidious. He’s about six feet tall. He’s socially awkward. He planned this whole thing.”

Kohberger is charged with four counts of murder and felony burglary for allegedly stabbing to death four University of Idaho students Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Ethan Chapin, 20, and Xana Kernodle, 20.

Police have still not found the murder weapon or identified a motive.

Grace claimed it is likely Kohberger got rid of the weapon saying, “I think he studied long enough getting his master’s and soon his Ph.D. in criminology to know to get rid of the murder weapon.”

Other questions about the murders remain.

“From the get-go, we said a male between 25 and 38 to 40. A white male, because people normally kill within their own race. Single, which he is. As a matter of fact, there’s no indication of a girlfriend and ex-fiancee. Even a high school girlfriend hasn’t been dug up yet,” Grace said. “So is this guy an incel? What was his motivation?”

The one thing that stumps Nancy, who believes this guy likely acted alone, is she can’t figure out why he kept the car. But then she thought about it and figured if he tried to explain the “loss” of the car to his parents, it would probably raise even more red flags. The fact that he was seen on that surveillance video is what did him in.

There is no such thing as a perfect crime. I guess he was absent the day they covered that in school.

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