Those Q Folks Probably Deserve An Apology Right About Now

Those Q Folks Probably Deserve An Apology Right About Now

And the hits keep coming for Balenciaga, and I gotta say, this latest info that’s just come out is more proof that yesterday’s conspiracy theories are today’s truth. The Qanon folks have been mocked and taking a huge beating for suggesting that there’s a group of elite Satan-worshiping pedophiles… and after you read this newest nightmare, I think you’ll agree, that Qanon deserves a big ol’ apology. So, what’s the latest with the perverts over at Balenciaga? Well, it has to do with their former stylist named Lotta Volkova, and what she has posted on her Instagram. This woman, who is the “darling” of the fashion world is openly into Satan, child abuse, violence, and cannibalism.

Gee, what a peach.

So, who is this woman? Well, she’s Russian, and she was born in Vladivostock in Russia in 1984. When she was 17 years old, she moved to London to study fashion.

At one point she started a “ripped jeans,” but a couple of years later, she tried out styling instead, and found that was her calling.

She became famous within the fashion world and she teamed up with Balenciaga and some legends of fashion, like Jean Paul Gaultier and Blumarine.

Vogue magazine once described Lotta as the “coolest stylist in the industry,” and fashion’s “fave it girl.”

These are the types of photos she has on her Instagram, which is now “private” by the way.


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“Satanic porn.”

Young child with skull in “Satanic scene.”

Old photo of “Bohemian Grove,” where the most elite men would gather annually to Moloch


Feminine/sexualized young boy.

Sexualized young girl looking like Jon Bennet Ramsey.

I can see where the S&M “teddy bear” idea came from.

And this is a depiction of a “murder” in a child’s bedroom.

Bloody babies, I am guessing this is some disgusting nod to “abortion.”


This stuff is disgusting, and has NOTHING to do with “art.”

Newsweek reported on what Lotta said after her disgusting Instagram posts blew up: a fashion stylist linked to designer label Balenciaga has broken her silence after being forced to set her Instagram to private once she received backlash over her posts.

Russian-born Lotta Volkova worked alongside Balenciaga’s creative director Demna Gvasalia at the Spanish label until 2017, and also the brand he co-created, Vetements.


It is not known if the images were styled by Volkova or simply shared to her Instagram.

However, a spokesperson for the fashion professional told Newsweek “she condemns the abuse of children in any form.”

“Lotta Volkova has not worked with Balenciaga or its team since 2017 and she has in no way participated in the brand’s recent Instagram or advertising campaigns,” the spokesperson told Newsweek.

Lotta made her Instagram private after folks started criticizing her photos and reposting them all over Twitter.

The American Conservative wrote a chilling piece on this evil woman:

That’s from the mind of Lotta Volkova, Balenciaga and Adidas designer. Do you really have to wonder if some of our elites are Satanists and pedophiles? Some things are true even if QAnon believes them.

Here’s a link to another Twitter thread investigation Volkova and her colleagues in the fashion industry. It is not for the faint of heart.

Volkova posted this to her Insta account, an image of her wearing a tshirt from her favorite band, Cannibal Corpse, while inside a church. I found it on this site, which has some crazy claims about Hollywood and pedophilia, but after reproducing the Volkova selfie with the Cannibal Corpse shirt, says:

The following are lyrics from their song “Entrails Ripped From A Virgins C*nt”:


Tied to my mattress

Legs spread wide

Ruptured bowel, yanked

From her insides

Devirginized with my knife

Internally bleeding

Vagina, secreting

Lotta Volkova is one of the hottest stylists in fashion. This past summer, I met a young seminarian in England. We got to talking about what he did before he accepted a calling to the priesthood. He told me he worked in the creative office of a top London advertising agency (someone else confirmed this for me). He said that he was the only Christian in his office, but that there were no atheists. Really, no atheists? No, he said; “the New Atheism is dead with my generation.” So if they weren’t Christian and they weren’t atheist, what were they? He said every one of them was involved to some degree with the occult — and that two of them were open Satanists who defined Satanism as “living up to your highest human potential.”

These are the people providing many of the images that colonize the public square, and enter into the collective imagination. This is not a conspiracy theory. It’s the truth. Look at Lotta Volkova, who is at the center of things in the world of high fashion.

So, like I said earlier, I guess those Qanon people were right, after all, weren’t they?

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