SPAM Introduced a (Creepy) New Holiday Flavor That’s So Popular, Walmart & Amazon Already Sold Out

SPAM Introduced a (Creepy) New Holiday Flavor That’s So Popular, Walmart & Amazon Already Sold Out

I’m a Millennial, so I wasn’t really around for the big SPAM craze, but I think it’s starting to make a big comeback. As a matter of fact, they’ve come out with a creepy new flavor, that is so wildly popular, Amazon and Walmart have already sold out. So, what is it about this mystery meat that is so enticing for many people? Well, the history of SPAM is interesting. Eater actually did a writeup on it: the budget-friendly meat has enjoyed a recent upswing on the American mainland in part thanks to rising meat costs and a floundering economy: When the recession hit in early 2008, Spam saw its sales jump 10 percent compared to the previous year. A CBS News report noted that a cultural shift seemingly accompanied the increased numbers: Even consumers who continued to purchase expensive organic vegetables were adding cans of Spam to their pantries. The meat, once relegated as a quirk of Hawaiian or Asian cuisine, started appearing on haute restaurant menus as a nod to that highbrow/lowbrow mash-up, or perhaps to the chef’s feelings of nostalgia for the ingredient. (A quick search of Spam recipes from the ’60s reveals dishes like Spam upside-down pie, and Spam sandwiches topped with baked beans.)

Today, its sometimes-kitsch factor is a point of pride, for both Hormel and Spam fans: You can show your affection for Spam with everything from Hormel-authorized T-shirts (reading “I think, therefore I Spam”) to crocheted, cat-shaped Spam musubi (available for purchase, naturally, on Etsy). Here’s a look back at how Spam first got canned, why it’s currently beloved in Hawaii and South Korea, and why Spam remains on many restaurant menus today.

So, what’s in SPAM? Well, it consists of some random, unidentified pork parts, water, salt, potato starch, sugar, and sodium nitrate.

YUM! 😳

My grandpa loved spam. He’d fry it and have it with eggs. But I don’t think even my SPAM-happy gramps would like this new Holiday version.

So, what’s the new flavor?

Well, it’s called “SPAM Figgy Pudding.”

And what does it taste like?

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The company has this to say about their festive new flavor: It Has notes of cinnamon and nutmeg combined with fig and orange flavors, you’ll taste true holiday comfort that will have you caroling all season long.

Oh boy…

The New York Post reported that they really took the line “Now, bring us some figgy pudding,” seriously.

The makers of Spam have introduced Figgy Pudding — a festive twist on the product’s original recipe — right in time for the holidays.

But the “limited-time purchase” is apparently so popular, it has already sold out on Amazon, Walmart and the company’s web site, according to NPR.

The spin on the sweet treat adds “notes of cinnamon and nutmeg combined with fig and orange flavors,” to Spam’s famed, eternally shelf-stable mix of pork and other ingredients.

Hormel, makers of Spam, has recipes online for holiday skewers, a charcuterie board and even pancakes containing the figgy pudding.

They even created an animated video entitled “We Wish You a Figgy Christmas,” whose lyrics include “and a Spam-tastic New Year.”

Oh, lordy…

So, tell me, will you be hunting around to buy some FIGGY SPAM this Christmas season?

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