FedEx Driver Confesses to Kidnaping and Murdering 7-Year-Old Texas Girl After Delivering Packages to Her Home

FedEx Driver Confesses to Kidnaping and Murdering 7-Year-Old Texas Girl After Delivering Packages to Her Home

A horrific nightmarish tale out of Texas has gripped the nation. How many times a day do you see a delivery driver in your neighborhood, or even at your own home? And it probably never crosses your mind that they could be a predatory monster, right? Well, this story will likely change your mind. A FedEx driver in Texas had confessed to kidnapping and murdering a 7-year-old girl, who was standing outside of her house while he was delivering a package to the home. Police say the little girl was murdered within an hour of the kidnapping. I shudder to think what that scumbag did to that sweet little angel in the hour leading up to her death.

This is a hard story to read, but it’s important.

Daily Mail reported that the body of a seven-year-old girl has been found in Texas two days after she was allegedly abducted by a FedEx driver who was dropping off a package at her home.

Athena Strand was found dead on Friday night, police in Wise County, northwest of Dallas, confirmed.

Investigators revealed she likely died ‘within an hour’ of being kidnapped from where she lived in Paradise.

The suspect, 31-year-old Tanner Horner, of Lake Worth, confessed to Athena’s kidnap and killing, it is alleged.

Police revealed how digital evidence together with interviews suggest the little girl did not live more than an hour after being snatched.

Homer was charged with capital murder and aggravated kidnapping and is being held on $1.5million bond.

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‘We’re just sad it didn’t end the way that we hoped that it would end,’ Sheriff Lane Akin said during a Friday night press conference.

Horner is the only suspect authorities believe is responsible in the case, Akin said. He did not have any relation or connection to the family.

According to the Wise County Sheriff’s Office, the child was dropped off at home from school at her home in Paradise at 4.30pm on Wednesday.

At some point afterwards, the youngster was outside her home after an argument with her step-mother. At the same time, Horner was delivering a FedEx package to her house.

When Athena didn’t come back inside and could not be found in her bedroom, her step-mom reported her missing to police around 6.40pm.

Police believe the girl was likely abducted from her driveway, just 200 yards away from the safety of her home.

Police only able to connect the dots between Athena’s disappearance and Horner’s delivery route following a tip off, with the FBI, Texas Rangers and Wise County Sheriff’s Offices working in tandem to bring the case to a speedy yet tragic end, although two false leads sent police looking in the wrong places for the girl.

The youngster’s body was eventually found 10 miles away from her home.

The County Sheriff paid tribute to locals that had assisted with the investigation which saw hundreds of volunteers coming out to help with a massive search.

FedEx released a statement on Friday night expressing their condolences to the family: ‘Words cannot describe our shock at the reports surrounding this tragic event. First and foremost, our thoughts are with the family during this most difficult time.’

I would bet a million bucks that this was not the first time this monster did something like this. Police should go back and check for missing children on any route this ghoul ever handled.

God Bless those poor parents, and that stepmom will live with the guilt of that “argument” for the rest of her life.

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