If You Thought Soros Was Bad, Wait Until You Meet His More Dangerous Replacement

If You Thought Soros Was Bad, Wait Until You Meet His More Dangerous Replacement

I’d like to introduce you to the new “George Soros.” She’s much better than the old Soros and more dangerous. She’s pretty, richer, and she’s much more woke. Her name is Laurene Jobs, and she’s the widow of Steve Jobs, and she’s using her money and power to fight the culture war in ways we can’t even imagine. Laurene’s net worth is about 24.5 billion. She is the 5th richest woman in the world. And bonus for her, she’s American, so she can get her sticky mitts into everything, with no one blinking an eye.

One of her main focuses is Climate Change, which as you know, is the foundation of the left’s “green communism.” It’s their “COVID.” And what I mean by that is that it’s used as an “excuse” to implement tyrannical rules and regulations, so they can “control” people. That’s exactly what they did with COVID, and it worked out well for them for a short while. But Climate Change is even better because there’s literally no end to it.

She’s also a media mogul, focused on children’s education, and is very secretive. Her “Emerson” project is very mysterious.

Here’s what the internet says about Emerson:

Laurene Powell Jobs is the founder and president of Emerson Collective. Using philanthropy, investing, storytelling, and convenings, Emerson Collective creates opportunities and develops innovative solutions to spur change in education, the environment, immigration, and health equity.

Puck News did a piece on her back in 2021:

Obama, like many members of the American elite, wants to keep Powell Jobs close. He should. In an industry town where every billionaire has a mission or two, Powell Jobs has stretched herself out over the last decade to have a million, with grand and sprawling aspirations to help rebuild American media, close the K-12 achievement gap, overhaul the immigration system and make money along the way.

Emerson has a unique DNA. Over the past several years, and again in recent weeks, I have spoken with current and former employees of Emerson, their grantees and other close observers of the firm to demystify its essence. There are always three common themes that emerge from those conversations. The first, most dominant one is Emerson’s opaqueness, which Emerson admits can make the firm seem secretive or insular. The for-profit philanthropy is structured as a privately held LLC, which means it doesn’t have to disclose key information about its gifts or assets, and its grantees are often told to not publicize their donations. Even the offices of Emerson are unmarked; I’ve heard hilarious stories over the years of guests being unable to find its Palo Alto headquarters.

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Emerson Collective is basically a gigantic progressive Superpac that is working to take over media, education, art, fashion, and everything, basically.

Vox reported that Democratic megadonor and philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs is beefing up her political operation, bringing in heavyweights like former Massachusetts Congress member Joe Kennedy, the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, to help broker relationships in Washington, DC.

Emerson Collective, Powell Jobs’s organization, hired Kennedy this month as a senior adviser, Recode has learned from an internal announcement. The former lawmaker becomes one of the highest-profile figures to work at the 150-person organization, bringing with him a Rolodex of valuable political contacts at the dawn of a new Democratic administration.

“In this role, he will be a trusted collaborator offering guidance on how we can advance our policy priorities and our broader mission building an America that is more equal and just for all,” reads the Emerson note obtained by Recode.

Trust me when I say, this woman is dangerous to freedom, patriotism, and America First. She’s quietly working behind the scenes to make sure none of that happens.

“Billionaire Laurene Powell Jobs, (Steve Jobs’ widow), owns The Atlantic, a major stake in Axios, 7% of Disney, and many other media outlets. She is a radical leftist who aims to create a “more just society through cultural narrative.”

You can watch the video below:

When you talk about people who “control” the United States government and politics, I think people forget about Laurene because she’s so intensely private and stays out of the limelight.

But these are the people who are the real puppet masters. And the fact that she and Obama are so close, and she’s so incredibly rich, tells me, she has a lot of say and sway in what’s happening in our government right now.

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