Scoop: Harry and Meghan Rubbed Tom Cruise The “Wrong Way” And Are Now Suffering the Consequences

Scoop: Harry and Meghan Rubbed Tom Cruise The “Wrong Way” And Are Now Suffering the Consequences

Harry gave up a lot when he decided to throw away his family, and all his traditions, and take off for Hollywood with his D-list actress wife. He made his bed and now he’s got to lay in it, and right now, that bed is very messy. Harry and Meghan had high hopes when they packed up and headed to California; they had dreams of hobnobbing with Hollywood royalty and making their mark on the west coast. But that’s not happening.

Apparently, part of Harry’s attraction was the fact that he was a royal, and since that’s gone, the Hollywood A-listers are no longer interested, which means that Harry has now joined Meghan on the dreaded D-list.

Radar Online reported that a panicked Prince Harry’s dream move to America with wife Meghan Markle has become a real-life nightmare — because he went from being the toast of England to the bottom of the Hollywood social circuit, has learned.

“Harry was so excited to move to California and assume he’d be dining at the top table with all the big players,” an insider spilled. “In London, he only needed to click his fingers and people would line up to invite him to their upscale bashes. But that’s just not happened for him and Meghan — and that’s a real kick in the teeth.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex ditched palace duties in 2020 to chase fame and fortune in Meghan’s old Tinseltown haunts. But sources dished as they struggle with their toxic fallout from their split with 38-year-old Harry’s bluebood kin, they’ve been snubbed by showbiz elite — and have seen themselves sink to C-list territory.

“It’s hitting home hard that the old-school types aren’t willing to let them into their circles. So, hangouts with the likes of Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks aren’t in the cards in the same way they’ve been blanked by Beyoncé and A-listers like Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, and Brad Pitt.”

Sources whisper former the Suits starlet, 41, is desperate to pump up their standing by interviewing celebs on her podcast, Archetypes — but she was recently reduced to hosting hotel heiress Paris Hilton.

Well, we may know why this happening to Harry and Meghan, thanks once again to the fine folks at Radar.

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Radar Online reported that Tom Cruise has cozied up to Britain’s royal family for years — and the Top Gun superstar has no plans of shooting down his hard-won relationship with the palace by befriending the outcast Duke and Duchess of Sussex, has learned.

“Tom has followed Harry and Meghan’s saga very closely and is shocked by it all,” a source said. Now, an insider claimed Harry and Meghan’s TV tell-all, nonstop press appearances, and attacks on the monarchy have rubbed the actor the wrong way.

“He used to be a big fan of theirs Meghan’s in particular, and even considered getting her involved in one of his movies,” said an insider.

According to a source, when the Sussexes first fled the U.K. to put down roots in California, Tom was excited about the possibility of working with Meghan, but since he’s grown chummy with William and Kate — who were named the Prince and Princess of Wales upon Queen Elizabeth’s death in September — any chance of him casting the former Suits star is “off the table!”

A source said the star’s loyalty was on full display in May when he escorted the future king and queen to the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick in London — with Harry and Meghan nowhere in sight!

Kate and William, who are both 40, seemed to love the attention from Tom, 60, and even arranged for him to meet Queen Elizabeth in the last weeks of her list, sources revealed.

“Meghan and Harry seem seriously envious that they’ve lost out on this Hollywood friendship, but he’s just the latest in a long line of power players who’ve given them the cold shoulder!”

As previously reported, earlier this week, Meghan and Harry were accused of releasing the trailer for their highly anticipated new Netflix show to overshadow William and Kate’s trip to the U.S.

If Tom Cruise doesn’t like you, will anybody in Hollywood like you? I mean, seems logical that this could be why Harry and Meghan are blackballed.

Well, if any two people deserve to be on the D-list, it’s these narcissistic clowns

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