If There Were a “Zombie Apocalypse,” CDC Research Shows Your Best Chance For Survival is in This Red State

If There Were a “Zombie Apocalypse,” CDC Research Shows Your Best Chance For Survival is in This Red State

When people would talk about the “Zombie Apocalypse” I’d think they were nuts. And honestly, some people take this stuff really seriously. But after witnessing this COVID nightmare, with how “brain dead” so many people are, and driven by fear to do some very “experimental things,” I am starting to believe a “Zombie Apocalypse” is actually a possibility, and heck, at this rate, it might actually look like the Walking Dead TV show if enough liberals succumb to their Stage 5 TDS.

A study from the CDC, which puts together a “Zombie Preparedness Guide,” discovered that if there were an apocalypse, the safest place to be, and your best chance of survival would be Florida.

Of course…It almost seems like a no-brainer…pun intended.

From Study Finds:

Inspired by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Zombie Preparedness guide from 2011 — yes, the CDC really made this! — researchers at Lawn Love analyzed 26 key factors that measure “zombie preparedness” across 200 U.S. cities.

When you consider aspects like the number of people in poor health in the community, the number of local supermarkets, the number of hunting supply stores, and the number of basements or bunkers under local homes, Orlando, Florida tops the list of the best cities to be in to survive a zombie apocalypse. Orlando finished number one in terms of supplies and protection. The city also ranked high in terms of vulnerability and mobility.

Moreover, Tampa (6th) and Miami (8th) finished in the top 10 — making the Sunshine State your best chance to avoid a gory, zombie-related demise! Rounding out the top five zombie-proof cities are Salt Lake City, Honolulu, Portland, and Colorado Springs.

So, if Florida is the best, what’s the worst state? Well, sorry to say, but it’s Nevada according to this new study:

Although Las Vegas (19th) is a relatively safe place to be for zombie apocalypse survivors, four other cities in the Vegas metro area finished at the very bottom of the list. Sunrise Manor (200th – last), Paradise (199th), Enterprise (198th), and Spring Valley (197th) rank as the worst places to survive a zombie onslaught.

While the researchers say cities along the water generally rank better than landlocked areas, it turns out New Jersey is also a bad place to go if you’re trying to outrun the undead. Paterson (196th), Newark (192nd), and Jersey City (190th) all finished near the bottom of the survival rankings.

Also, if you’re not big fans of the “left” coasts, I have good news for you, because their biggest cities won’t make it if a Zombie Apocalypse hits. New York City and LA finished 180 and 181 on the list.



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