Man Brandishes Machete During New York Year-Ending Celebration; 3 NY Police Hurt

Man Brandishes Machete During New York Year-Ending Celebration; 3 NY Police Hurt

Three New York Police Department (NYPD) officers were hurt on Friday during the city’s New Year’s Eve celebration by a suspect brandishing a machete in the vicinity of Times Square.

At an early-morning press conference on Sunday, New York Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell reported that a 19-year-old guy approached an officer at 10 or 11 p.m. and made an unsolicited attempt to hit him over the head with a machete. Then, according to her, the man used the machete to strike the heads of two additional officers.


According to Sewell, one officer, an eight-year veteran, had a head laceration, while the other, a recent police academy graduate, suffered a skull fracture and a significant laceration. She claimed that one of the policemen shot the man in the shoulder.

At the site, police found the weapon.


The policemen were brought to a nearby hospital and, according to Sewell, their conditions are stable. She stated that the suspect is receiving medical care at the hospital for his wounds as well.

No threat is currently active, according to Sewell.

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She remarked, “This is again another reminder of the challenges our cops face.”

The FBI associate director in charge, Mike Driscoll, stated that the investigation is still underway and that his office is collaborating closely with the NYPD to ascertain the nature of the attack. He highlighted that according to the authorities, the incident was carried out by just one person, the suspect.

The level of instruction officers undergo to handle such an occurrence has been praised by Mayor Eric Adams. He claimed that the three officers kept order and managed the situation.

I believe it’s a true testament to how well-trained our police officers are, as well as the courage they bring to their work, he added.



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