AG Garland Confident He’s Handling Both Biden And Trump Inquiries In Proper Manner

AG Garland Confident He’s Handling Both Biden And Trump Inquiries In Proper Manner

The Department of Justice’s handling of the separate inquiries into the allegedly improper handling of sensitive documents by former Presidents Donald Trump and Joe Biden was defended by Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Garland denied the claim that the agency handled the cases differently on Monday. Classified materials from the Obama administration were discovered in numerous locations for Biden, including a think tank and his garage, and classified documents from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

According to Garland, the purpose of the Justice Department is to apply the law and the facts in each case and make the proper decisions in a nonpartisan and impartial manner, regardless of who the subjects are.


“In each of these situations, we have acted in this manner, and we will act in this manner moving forward. We don’t have distinct regulations for Democrats and Republicans, the mighty and the powerless, or the wealthy and the poor, “Added he. The investigations are being overseen by various special counsels.

The special counsel looking into Biden’s secret document case is Robert Hur. Earlier last month, the Justice Department appointed him. Jack Smith, a special counsel, is in charge of looking into Trump.

Despite significant disparities in the cases that were emphasized by Democrats, Garland has come under fire for how the inquiries were handled. There were hundreds of papers retrieved in the case of Trump, compared to only approximately 30 for Biden, and disparities in how the records were found and acquired. However, the FBI had to conduct a search of Trump’s properties after Biden’s team came out with their discovery of documents.

There have also been variations in the reactions to the discovery. Since notifying the DOJ of the documents in November, Biden and his team had worked with them, whereas the National Archives had made fruitless attempts to obtain hundreds of records from Trump.

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The White House has come under fire for being opaque. Early in November, the think tank office discovered the first secret documents, but it wasn’t until a leak earlier this month that the public was made aware of the finding.





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