Popular Liberal Activist Calls Out Biased Media For Shameless Coverage of Joe’s Classified Docs Scandal

Popular Liberal Activist Calls Out Biased Media For Shameless Coverage of Joe’s Classified Docs Scandal

The biased from our media is so over the top and ridiculous, that even far-left activist and radio show host “Charlamagne tha God” is calling them out for being shameful. And he’s right…His comments came during a chat on his podcast. Charlamagne actually slammed the mainstream media for the glaring and indisputable bias they’ve shown when it comes to Joe Biden’s classified document debacle.  He compared it to how President Donald Trump was treated, and the biased is of course, so obvious and so stomach-turning.

Now, keep in mind, Charlamanage is not some new “Trump supporter” by any stretch, nor is he defending Trump, and that’s perfectly fine. He’s just calling out the hypocrisy, and that’s what we want.

Call them all out! 

Bizpacreview reported on what he said and the current hypocrisy from the media.

“Well, here’s the thing, and I’m not copping pleas for Trump, because it’s not about Trump. It’s just about consistency. When it happened to Trump, it was all about the documents. It was, ‘We don’t know what’s on them. It could be nuclear codes, it could be personal information that he’s selling to foreign governments,’” he said.

“That’s what the media was saying. Now, with Biden, it’s, ‘Oh, well it’s not really about the documents. Classified documents slip up and leak all the time. Now it’s about the obstruction that Trump did.’ Like, ‘No, that’s not what y’all said when it was Trump,’” he added.

This prompted his co-host, Andrew Schulz, to ask, “Are you finding out that the media’s not fair?”

“No, I know the media’s not fair. I’ve always known that, you know what I mean? But it’s just the principle, like, let’s at least try to have some consistency. Let’s not make the hypocrisy be so, so blatant,” Charlamagne replied.

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Unfortunately, many members of the media are so blind to their otherwise obvious bias that the hypocrisy of it all flies right over their heads.

For example, CNN ran a segment this week on how commonplace it allegedly is for those who work for the government in some capacity or another to misplace classified documents.

Speaking on “CNN This Morning,” CNN’s Katie Bo Lillis specifically claimed that the “spillage” of classified documents “happens almost literally every day.”


What an absolute joke CNN is.

And thankfully, they, and others are being called out by a whole host of people.

You can listen to Charlamange’s comments below:

And in case you didn’t know, they found MORE classified docs at Biden’s home, and some of them were from his time in the Senate…

But Joe tells us he has a great deal of “respect” for classified documents.

Give me a damn break…

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