McCarthy Tells Reporters That Biden Must Be Investigated For Mishandling Secret Documents

McCarthy Tells Reporters That Biden Must Be Investigated For Mishandling Secret Documents

Following revelations that the information was kept in an unprotected office at the Penn Biden Center and at his house in Wilmington, Delaware, Speaker Kevin McCarthy is urging Congress to look into how President Joe Biden handled secret documents.

The California Republican claimed that while one of the other standing committees may take the helm of the investigation, the new select subcommittee on the weaponization of the federal government could handle it. McCarthy further claimed that Biden was aware that he was in possession of the records, which Biden has refuted by saying that he was unaware they were being kept in an unsuitable location.


“I think Congress needs to look into this, whether it comes from that committee or another. This person has served in this position for more than 40 years. The person who appeared on 60 Minutes and expressed concern about President Trump’s documents being locked away is now revealed to be the vice president, who has been storing them out in the open in various locations for years, McCarthy added.


No American, he continued, “believes that justice should not be equally applied to everybody, and we have seen what this administration does before every election, using whatever information is released to try to misrepresent it and establish separate standards for their own ideas. That is ineffective in America.

McCarthy claimed that he did not perceive any distinctions between Biden and former President Donald Trump’s handling of sensitive information.

“From one perspective, they were aware of the documents’ presence. In order to lock them up, they literally requested that President Trump install another lock. You can see that Vice President Biden, who wasn’t the president, held these meetings in various public spaces, the speaker said.

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He lambasted Donald Trump. He used the Justice Department to conduct a raid on President Trump, right? What do you think about that? They were aware that President Biden had experienced this prior to the election, but they chose to conceal it from the American people, the speaker said.

Before the appointment of a special counsel to look into the situation by Attorney General Merrick Garland, McCarthy expressed his opinion that it was not necessary.




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