GREAT NEWS UPDATE for Buffalo Bills Damar Hamlin!

GREAT NEWS UPDATE for Buffalo Bills Damar Hamlin!

Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills, who collapsed on the field against the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday night, has reportedly made “amazing progress,” according to doctors.

After receiving a blow to the chest on Monday night, Hamlin suffered a cardiac attack. He was given CPR on the field before being sent to a nearby hospital in Cincinnati. He was intubated, and his status was rated as critical. The Bengals and Bills game was rescheduled. The bills released an update on Thursday morning.

A Bills update was made “The doctors treating Damar Hamlin at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center say that he has made significant progress in the last day. He has shown that, despite being seriously unwell, his neurological health looks to remain unharmed. He is making steady improvement as his lungs continue to recover. We are appreciative of the affection and assistance we have received.”


The family of Hamlin thanked the hospital’s “committed first responders and healthcare workers” for their “amazing treatment” in a statement they posted on Tuesday.

On the website for the fans, one of the top-selling jerseys as of Wednesday afternoon was Hamlin’s number three. His GoFundMe campaign for donations to a toy drive he created had amassed more than $7 million as of Thursday morning.

The Bills and Bengals game has not yet been rescheduled to resume, according to a statement released by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Tuesday.

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