[VIDEO] Spoof Commercial Claims “Coincidence” is the New Leading Cause of Death These Days…

[VIDEO] Spoof Commercial Claims “Coincidence” is the New Leading Cause of Death These Days…

There’s something strange going on in this country and around the world right now. It’s not normal for young, seeming healthy people to be dropping like flies and having heart attacks, strokes, or blood clots. Yet, suddenly, everyone’s acting as if this is the most “meh” and typical thing that’s happening, just a couple years after the vaccine was introduced. Now, I am not suggesting here that the vaccine is the culprit, because how would I know? I am not a doctor and none of these so-called “experts” or the media are the least bit curious about investigating this hellish nightmare.

Everyone is quiet as church mice, and nodding feverishly when Dr. Death Fauci goes on TV and calls any concerns about the vaccine “silly” and “absurd.”

Meanwhile, yesterday, a Nevada teen was “running” to class, when he dropped dead of a heart attack.

Totally normal, right?

And speaking of “normal,” our friends over at The Liberty Daily did a recent piece on how some public schools are now screening young athletes for “heart issues” and pretending like that’s totally typical, and nothing to see here, folks…

There’s an apparent trend that’s forming across America, and for once it’s not a negative one. More Americans are rapidly waking up to the reality that the Covid-19 jabs “may” be ineffective and unsafe. For those who regularly read our stories or hear my shows, you’ve likely been aware of these facts for a long time. But now the “normies” are waking up in droves which is prompting responses from organizations that had previously been firm and confident in their pro-vaxx stances.

One such group that’s reacting to the shifting sentiment is our broken public education system. They are hearing the concerns of parents who are asking whether their children are safe to play sports after seeing an exponential rise in the number of young and otherwise healthy athletes collapsing and often dying on the field.

On today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show, I spent a short segment discussing a Facebook post from Everett Public Schools Athletics Department announcing a “Screen Your Teen” event in March. The goal is to “prevent sudden cardiac arrest,” which really hasn’t been a huge issue until the jabs were rolled out. Before the jabs, there were rare documented cases of young athletes succumbing to heart issues and invariably these were due to preexisting conditions. But as a recent study indicates, the number of young people developing heart conditions after getting vaccinated is startling.


And that’s why videos like this parody are actually good. They call out the so-called “experts” and mock them in a powerful way that is ironic and amusing in a macabre way, but it gets the word out, and at this point, that’s what matters most.

This clip here highlights how “coincidence” is now the leading cause of death. It’s actually brilliantly done.

You can watch the video below:

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Believe it or not, but videos like this, actually help us get the word out better than long articles citing this and that. People can quickly relate to this, even ones who aren’t “in” on the vaccine debate, because of what they’re seeing in the news, with all these “sudden deaths.”

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