Alarming Photo of Dan Crenshaw on House Floor Has Everyone Talking…

Alarming Photo of Dan Crenshaw on House Floor Has Everyone Talking…

Dan Crenshaw is a bum. He’s the perfect example of a vet, who proudly served his country and sacrificed his own body for the cause, but doesn’t translate over to being a good politician. He’s awful and if he’s allowed to remain in Congress, he will turn into a “McCain” on steroids. This guy has a crazy temper, and he can’t control how he lashes out at people. Remember when he went after that little girl during one of his town hall meetings? That happened a year ago:

Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw was booed and heckled Monday night during a town hall event in Montgomery County, just north of Houston, after snapping at a young girl who asked him about a quote he said on a podcast and accusing her of questioning his religious faith.

Video of the confrontation was trending Tuesday morning, and social media posts highlight growing dissatisfaction with Crenshaw among the more ardent supporters of former President Donald Trump.

The girl questioned Crenshaw’s religious devotion and quoted him from a podcast appearance during which he discussed his book, “Fortitude.” The girl claimed Crenshaw framed Jesus Christ as merely an archetype rather than as a person who actually existed.

“Crenshaw said, quote, ‘The most important thing here is that we have important hero archetypes that we look up to. Jesus is a hero archetype. Jesus is a hero archetype; Superman is a hero archetype. Real characters, too. I could name a thousand – Rosa Parks, Ronald Reagan.’”

“I can’t wrap my head around this,” the girl added.

“I’ll help you. Put a period after the word Jesus and don’t question my faith,” Crenshaw replied, to boos and jeers.

“Wow. To a 10-year-old girl,” someone in the audience replied to Crenshaw.

“Ya moron,” one said. “Don’t talk to a kid like that, jerk,” another heckler added.

“Don’t question my faith,” Crenshaw stated again. “You guys can ask questions about all of these things and I will answer them, but don’t question my faith. You can read that quote again, but nowhere in that quote am I saying Jesus is not real. That’s a ridiculous statement.”

“Is he the son of God?” someone in the audience asked.

“Of course he’s the son of God,” Crenshaw replied. “Of course he’s the son of God and of course he’s real.”

That’s not a normal way to react to a child or your constituents.

But there’s more – it seems like Dan is always in a fight with somebody who doesn’t toe the establishment line. He’s always defended traitors like Liz Cheney, and claims to idolize Paul Ryan. Why on earth is this guy representing Texas?

And then things got really bizarre, when Dan called the GOP Rebels (and anyone who supported them) “terrorists.” He got a lot of backlash from that and after several snarky responses defending what he said, he finally broke down and apologized.

But he lost his place leading the Homeland Security committee:

Rep. Dan Crenshaw, one of the House GOP’s most prominent figures, was denied the chairmanship of the chamber’s Homeland Security Committee Monday in favor of a member of the right-wing House Freedom Caucus — days after Crenshaw called opponents of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy “terrorists.”

Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.), will instead lead the panel that provides oversight over the Department of Homeland Security – and handles issues related to illegal immigration and terrorism.

Was Dan so mad that he punched a wall?

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That’s what many are speculating, after Crenshaw showed up on the House floor with what appears to be bloody and battered knuckles.

He also refused to vote on the House rules package, out of spite, it would seem.

Laura Loomer shared a photo and called Dan out.

This is what Laura said in a tweet: DanCresnhawTX how come you think it’s acceptable to get drunk on the floor of the house, punch walls on the floor of the House till your knuckles bleed, and then skip the rules package vote? If you are an Alcoholic with war time mental distress, then please resign and get help.

And then she shared the photo of Dan’s bloody knuckles.

But it’s not just Laura Loomer, everyone is noticing this strange agressive behavior and Dan’s knuckles.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“I’ve seen hard liqueur on the rocks do this to people. His issue may be different, but its hauntingly familiar.”

“He uses the language of the Democrats.”

“The term limits thing is about to ruin his insider trading gig.”

“Cocaine and stock trading is a hell of a drug.”

“I agree! He was a SEAL so who knows what possible PTSD symptoms will manifest.”

“He seemed heavily invested in someone’s agenda and it wasn’t going the way he liked…”

“He is also one hell of an inside stock trader.”

Not sure what is going on with Dan, but I think his time in the House should be over in 2024. Let’s hope the smart people of Texas agree.

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