DOJ Informs Rep. Jordan: Information On Ongoing Investigations Is Off Limits

DOJ Informs Rep. Jordan: Information On Ongoing Investigations Is Off Limits

According to Politico, the Justice Department informed Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, on Friday that information regarding active investigations is confidential. Jordan, the chair of the House Judiciary Committee, has asked Attorney General Merrick Garland for information surrounding the finding of secret documents at Joe Biden’s residence and workplace.

A day after Garland appointed a special counsel to examine into possible improper handling of sensitive information, there was a message. Carlos Uriarte, the DOJ’s legislative relations head, stated in the five-page letter that “any oversight demands must be assessed against the department’s interests in maintaining the integrity of its work, consistent with long-standing policy and practice.”


In response to inquiries from Congress, we are not permitted to acknowledge or deny the existence of ongoing investigations or divulge nonpublic material about our investigations, according to long-standing department policy.

However, the agency promised to fulfill requests from lawmakers when it was practical, echoing previous President Ronald Reagan.

The letter stated: “The ‘custom of accommodation’ should be ‘the primary mechanism of settling differences between the branches’ as President Reagan noted in his 1982 directive on responding to congressional demands for information.”

In light of previous department replies and disclosures, Uriarte continued, “We are available to engage in staff-level discussions to assess which information requests integrated into your recent letters match the committee’s current priorities.”

Jordan said that the Biden administration was “stonewalling” in response to his request.

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In order to obtain answers for the American people, he continued, “House Judiciary Republicans are committed to holding each agency accountable under the new majority and will use coercive methods, if necessary.





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Charlene Greenway
14 days ago

Did anyone expect anything different, biden will be protected no matter what, doesn’t matter if national security is at risk, just protect the old man with dementia. In my opinion, this wh*le administration from biden on down is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg and the doj is a joke.

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