DOJ: Don’t Count On Us To Share Info During Biden Investigation

DOJ: Don’t Count On Us To Share Info During Biden Investigation

In a statement sent to the House Judiciary Committee on Friday, the Justice Department of President Joe Biden stated that it is likely that it will withhold material on the investigation into Biden’s handling of sensitive information while he served as vice president.

On November 2, less than a week before the 2022 midterm elections, classified documents associated with Biden were discovered for the first time in his private office at the Penn Biden Center, a think tank in Washington, D.C. Since then, three additional occasions have seen the discovery of classified documents by Biden’s attorneys at his residence in Wilmington, Delaware: on December 20, an unspecified number of documents were discovered in the garage; on January 11, one document was discovered in Biden’s study; and on January 12, five more documents were discovered in the study.


After receiving a recommendation from U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois John Lausch, who was tasked with conducting an initial review of the case, that a special counsel be appointed, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed former U.S. Attorney Robert Hur to serve as special counsel in the investigation. Hur was in office during the Trump administration.

In a letter to Jim Jordan, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, the DOJ stated that any calls for monitoring “must be evaluated against the Department’s interests in maintaining the integrity of its work” (R-OH). In response to inquiries from Congress, we are not permitted to confirm or deny the existence of ongoing investigations or divulge non-public material about our investigations, according to long-standing Department policy.

The letter continued, “The Department’s mission to independently and impartially uphold the rule of law requires us to maintain the integrity of our investigations, prosecutions, and civil actions, and to avoid even the appearance that our efforts are influenced by anything other than the law and the facts. The Department also has a duty to safeguard witnesses and law enforcement, keep those who are connected to our investigations from escaping, and stop new crimes and assaults.

In response to the letter, the House Judiciary Committee asked, “Why’s DOJ terrified to participate with our investigations?”

According to USA Today, the DOJ’s letter was in response to one from Jordan that “requested papers and emails about a trove of secret information found at Biden’s previous office at a think tank in Washington and at his Wilmington home.”

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On Thursday, in response to the incident, Biden stated that he had “no regrets” about his actions and that being questioned about the inquiry “quite frankly irritates” him.

Biden said, “We’re completely cooperating and looking forward to getting this addressed fast. “I believe you’ll discover there is nothing there. I don’t feel guilty. That’s exactly what we’re doing; I’m doing as the lawyers have instructed me to. There isn’t anything there.




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