The Hollywood Royals, Harry and Meghan top Kanye West and Amber In Most Annoying Celebrity List

The Hollywood Royals, Harry and Meghan top Kanye West and Amber In Most Annoying Celebrity List

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle have all experienced a lot in 2022. The couple’s multimillion-dollar arrangements with streaming services like Netflix and Spotify got off to a rocky start, which surely ruffled some old-school British tabloid and scandal-sheet feathers.

Nevertheless, despite everything, Harry and Meghan built their own empire by winning a few much-deserved and distinguished awards. The usual haters appear to have lost some of their steam as a result, though.

Nevertheless, Harry and Meghan had to accept the outcome since this time, the votes were actually cast in a way that was humiliating to the Sussexes.

This time, as opposed to the Royal Experts’ typical rumors and conjectures, the common people of the Kingdom have chosen to remove them. For the uninitiated, Ranker releases lists of various celebrities who have topped the charts and stars that people are tired of at the end of each year.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are, regrettably, the front-runners for the latter. They actually finished first and first in the infamous race. They have hit the top spot of Celebrities You’re Sick of in 2022. Readers believe that their explosive Netflix docuseries may be the main cause of such poor results. Unquestionably, their “tell-all” endeavor to defame the Royal family is what started the commotion.

UK tabloids who were under the gun went through the series with a fine-tooth comb and berated the pair at every opportunity. The list also included Kanye West, the Donda Rapper, and Amber Heard, the defendant in the most well-known defamation case of 2022, adding insult to injury. Given the situation, animosity toward both celebrities on Twitter is at an all-time high. West continues to get criticism for his never-ending controversies, according to the public. The chances for the American actress are comparable.

For Harry and Meghan, this is a major setback, though, given the previous year saw some very noteworthy accomplishments for the couple. The Duchess went on to win the People’s Choice Award for Best Pop Podcast for Archetypes after winning the Ripple of Hope Awards. However, the divisive Docuseries and the upcoming memoir have significantly changed the public’s opinion of Harry and Meghan.

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