REPORT: Harry’s New Book Places Huge Dark Cloud Over Relationship With Older Brother Prince William

REPORT: Harry’s New Book Places Huge Dark Cloud Over Relationship With Older Brother Prince William

Any chance for reconciliation between Prince Harry and his older brother, Prince William, has apparently already been dashed by the highly anticipated prince’s biography.

According to royal officials who spoke to Vanity Fair on Thursday, the Prince of Wales is reportedly so incensed over “Spare” leaks that he would never forgive the Duke of Sussex.

In excerpts obtained by The Guardian and Page Six ahead of the book’s Jan. 10 release, Harry calls William and Kate Middleton his “archenemies,” claims they instructed him to don the notorious Nazi outfit, and calls William and Kate Middleton “gone forever” following their marriage.



However, Harry’s inclusion of the brothers’ claimed physical altercation from 2019 has apparently angered William the most.

Harry alleges in “Spare” that William “attacked” him in the kitchen of Kensington Palace after the latter allegedly referred to Harry’s bride, Meghan Markle, as “difficult,” “rude,” and “abrasive.”

The remarks, according to Harry, 38, were a “parrot[ing] of the press narrative” in the UK about the former American actress, 41, and they are believed to have turned the siblings’ chat into a yelling war with profanity.

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Harry claims that when William reiterated that he was merely trying to assist, Harry asked, “Are you serious? Please assist me. I apologize, but do you call this that? assisting me?”

Harry claims that after saying something that supposedly infuriated William even more, he gave his brother a drink of water and told him, “Willy, I can’t speak to you when you’re like this.”

Harry allegedly heard William yell “another name,” “put down” the glass, and “come” at him.

Everything happened so quickly. So quickly. One section of the tell-all describes how he grabbed me by the collar, ripped off my necklace, and then knocked me to the ground.

“When I landed on the dog’s bowl, my back was injured by the fragments as they shattered. I lay there for a few period, confused, before rising to my feet and ordering him to leave.

Harry continues by saying that William pushed him to stand up and fight back like they did as boys, but Harry refused.

Harry adds that following the alleged event, which resulted in a visible back injury, William left and later returned to express his regret.

You don’t need to inform Meg about this, William allegedly said Harry as he left for the second time.


He replied, “You mean that you attacked me,” according to Harry. The purported response from William was, “I didn’t attack you, Harold.”

Harry claims that his wife first learned about the incident when she saw “scrapes and bruises” on his back.

Markle was reportedly “terribly heartbroken,” not “surprised” or “mad.”

There is “a tremendous trust issue” between the siblings, according to sources close to William, who is concerned that any communication he has with his brother, including private chats, will be made public.

According to a source, “he isn’t going to be responding or reacting right now.” He intends to see this through to the end. He is concentrated on the fact that at the end of the day, he will still be the Prince of Wales.

According to Vanity Fair, King Charles III, the father of the brothers, is quite tired of what will be said about his wife and their stepmother, Queen Consort Camilla, in “Spare.”

An informant stated, “The King is less concerned about the attacks on him, but he would be very furious if Harry takes a go at Camilla.” And Harry certainly has the ability to achieve that.

Page Six was advised by representatives for Buckingham Palace that the royal family would not be commenting on any of the claims contained in “Spare.”




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