Young, Fit, Healthy, Elite Cyclist Dies Suddenly…

Young, Fit, Healthy, Elite Cyclist Dies Suddenly…

Well, here I am again, sharing another sad story about a young, fit, seemingly healthy person who drops dead out of nowhere.  It’s happening all too frequently these days, and yet, our Dear Leaders, on both sides of the aisle, are pretty quiet about it. As a matter of fact, they’re still pushing the vaccine, even though all of these “sudden deaths” are happening all over the world. And Even President Trump is defending the vaccine, as his base pushes back, and says, “No, it’s time to investigate this.” I don’t know how many more deaths it will take to get somebody to pull the vaccine and all these boosters while the situation is looked into. But people are scared and they should be. Something clearly isn’t right.

Because it’s not normal for all of these healthy young people to die. And this latest story is extremely disturbing. A young, healthy, fit elite cyclist, only 47-years-old, has died suddenly.

From NoQReport: 

Another young and otherwise healthy elite athlete has died at a relatively young age. Professional cyclist Kris Yip died suddenly last week and, as usual, the cause of death is unknown. According to his local news outlet, the Prince George Citizen:

Yip passing was also reported on in Canadian Cycling Magazine as he was known as an accomplished athlete and  one of the country’s elite cyclists with a great enthusiasm for the sport.

he Prince George Cycling Club cancelled its Fatbike events this weekend and instead held a celebration of life in honour of Yip at Forest For the World.  The group honoured Yip with a ride, barbeque, and refreshments.  The cause of Yip’s death is not known at this time.

The frequency of these types of stories has definitely gone up recently. We started covering them in 2021 when we would get a few a month. In 2022, it happened every few days. Now, it seems to be a daily event for news outlets to cover people dying suddenly. That doesn’t include the many who die every day without news outlets taking note.

The good news is it appears more “normies” are waking up and finally starting to ask questions. The bad news is it took more people dying frequently and unnecessarily to get to this tipping point of awareness.

That poor man’s family. All of these people who are suffering deserve answers, and that’s why we need a thorough, bipartisan investigation into what’s been going on, and once and for all, understand why this happening to so many people.

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