House Speaker Delivers Brutal Truth About How DOJ Is Handling Biden’s Mishandling Of Classified Docs

House Speaker Delivers Brutal Truth About How DOJ Is Handling Biden’s Mishandling Of Classified Docs

More classified records were found in President Joe Biden’s possession from his time serving as vice president, according to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who claims this exposes the “hypocrisy” within the federal government.

The way the Justice Department and FBI are handling Biden’s classified documents, compared to how the documents discovered at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home were handled, McCarthy claimed in a Sunday interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, demonstrates why the American people do not trust the government.

Since it was announced last week that ten secret documents from the Biden-Obama administration were found at the Penn-Biden Center in November 2022, the Biden administration has come under fire. All but one of a second batch of top-secret documents were uncovered in the garage of Vice President Biden’s house in Delaware. On December 20, Biden’s team informed the Justice Department of the discovery.


The Justice Department was also made aware of a third document discovery at Biden’s Delaware home by the vice president’s personal attorney.

McCarthy stated, “Now we’re finding a locked garage door that opens and closes with a push of a button.” How long has this vice president, who has served in government for more than 40 years, possessed these documents, and how many times has he entered and exited that location?

The president has asserted that he is “cooperating completely” with federal investigators and former US Attorney Robert Hur, who was chosen by US Attorney General Merrick Garland to act as special counsel on the materials.

During the secret document incident, over 300 documents were found at Mar-a-Lago after the FBI raided the Florida estate, and Biden has blasted Trump for it.

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McCarthy stated, “How justice is applied is truly what worries me. “Why are you searching for President Trump? His was padlocked, not just locked. They were aware it existed. They had the option to take it whenever they desired.”

McCarthy advised people to compare the number of agents and special counsels who had worked on the records found in Biden’s possession to those found in Trump’s.

It was said, “This is plain hypocrisy.” “I’m sick and tired of the Justice Department using it to target people for their political differences. What is wrong with government is that.”





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