Incoming Republican Freshman Allegedly Receives Improper Phone Call To Support McCarthy

Incoming Republican Freshman Allegedly Receives Improper Phone Call To Support McCarthy

A current House member allegedly pressured the newly elected Republican representative Anna Paulina Luna (FL) into endorsing House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) bid for speaker.

In a conversation with Steve Bannon, Luna stated, “I got an extremely improper phone call.” “Another member had practically contacted me to whip votes for the speaker’s race and ended up threatening me,” the speaker said.

According to Luna, who will represent Florida’s 13th District, a female member made the threat.


She claimed, “I told the female member that I wasn’t going to really be threatened.” “I don’t think I need to name that person because I think they are probably ashamed of what they did,”

According to Luna, occurrences like hers are not unusual in Congress.


The incoming representative declared, “I’m not going to be intimidated.” “If you’re going to deal honestly, then negotiate honestly, but don’t use threats against others.”

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When she gets to Washington, D.C., she says she anticipates some rage.

The Floridian remarked, “I’m not doing this because I want to go hang out in D.C. “I’m carrying out this action because it must be done now.”

While praising a handful of her colleagues, Luna made it obvious that she would be casting the only vote for speaker on Tuesday.

She declared, “I don’t care who that is, I won’t be voting for anyone who does not endorse the motion to leave the chair.” Since then, McCarthy has given in and lowered the standard for a move to vacate.


Republicans from other parties agree with Luna’s hesitation about choosing a speaker who would not lower the bar for a move to resign.

With regard to his prospective candidacy, McCarthy has attempted to stifle such sentiment.

He said in a letter to colleagues on Sunday that “just as the Speaker is elected by the entire body, we would reinstate the option for any 5 members of the majority party to begin a vote to remove the Speaker if so justified.”

McCarthy has also agreed to allow any five Republican House members to propose a vote of no confidence in the speaker of the house.



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