This Possible Juror Could Have Recieved Jail Time, Some Say She Actually Got Worse!!

This Possible Juror Could Have Recieved Jail Time, Some Say She Actually Got Worse!!

A possible juror who disregarded the commencement of the jury selection process in the criminal prosecution of rapper Young Thug might have been found in contempt of court and subject to a fine, jail sentence, or both. In Fulton County, Georgia, a judge came up with a far more archaic, Bart Simpson-like solution: make the woman write an essay on the significance of jury duty.

According to the WSB, “Juror No. 64” opted to extend her vacation in the Dominican Republic rather than appear for jury selection on Monday. As a result, Judge Ural Glanville requested deputies take her into custody when she eventually returned to the United States.


The woman told Glanville when she appeared before him on Thursday that she had provided her schedule to the court and received approval for the trip. The woman was informed by Glanville that “you can’t be in two places at once” and that other prospective jurors had “lost hundreds of thousands of dollars” making sure they arrived at jury duty on time.


Next, according to News24, there was a “teaching moment” Rather than charging her with contempt of court, which carries a $1,000 fine, 20 days in jail, or both penalties, Glanville instructed the lady to compose an essay on the importance of civic duty in serving as a jury. a sizable one.

The 30-page report with 20 sources was required by Glanville. Glanville told the woman, “You have to use APA style,” after assuring her that she was a college graduate, telling her to utilize at least 10 primary sources and 10 secondary sources, according to the BBC.

The essay would be subjected to a plagiarism check, and he also gave her a deadline of February 13 for completion. At that time, Glanville would talk with her about her work. The Grammy-winning Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffery Williams, is still choosing a jury as he faces charges of racketeering and gang conspiracy related to his usage of the YSL music label.

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