[VIDEO] Kash Patel Confirms DC Rumors: Joe’s Classified Docs Lead Back to Hunter Investigation

[VIDEO] Kash Patel Confirms DC Rumors: Joe’s Classified Docs Lead Back to Hunter Investigation

If you’ve been following along here at Wayne Dupree.com you know that we told you about a “DC rumor” about a week or so ago, where insiders were whispering that this entire “classified docs” scandal actually leads right back to the Hunter Biden investigation that’s going on right now. Here’s what we said about that rumor:

And as this story get’s nuttier, there’s a chilling new rumor floating around DC involving these classified docs and how they came out in the open and it’s very interesting and involves the problem child, Hunter Biden…

Investigative reporter Paul Sperry floated the new speculation that’s growing on The Hill…

Here’s what Paul said in his tweet: “NEW: Speculation growing on Hill that US Attorney David C. Weiss, the Delaware prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden, may have pressured the sudden “discovery” of Biden’s private, far-flung stash of classified White House materials’

Oh, that would be a really interesting turn of events, wouldn’t it?

This is an interesting point, and the reason why, is because how did all of this come about? It was so sudden, right? What prompted this? Many believe this is the Dems taking down Biden because they don’t want that bumbling doofus anywhere near 2024. I can get on board with that theory, it makes sense but the more I think about it, there’s one big problem:

Would Dems utterly humiliate themselves and make President Trump look better just to take Biden out this way, when they have a hundred zillion other options to choose from?

Really makes you think, right?…

Yes, it really does make you think, and it also sounds like it could be a pretty accurate rumor, because Kash Patel is now saying the exact same thing.

All roads always lead back to that crack-smoking kid of Joe’s right?

Watch this amazing interview with Kash on War Room, and you’ll get an even better understanding of what’s going on.


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I definitely think there is validity to this rumor… and there’s a lot more that’s going to come out. I feel like they’re looking for something specific, and they haven’t found it yet, and when they do, will that be “lights out” for Joe?

We’ll see.

But the only reason he could end up losing everything over this is not because we have some “fair” justice system.


It’s because Dems want him gone. Tat’s the ONLY reason all of this could actually blow up in his smug, saggy face.

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