[VIDEO] Kevin McCarthy Wonders if “Senator Biden” Was Stuffing Classified Docs Down His Pants…

[VIDEO] Kevin McCarthy Wonders if “Senator Biden” Was Stuffing Classified Docs Down His Pants…

Kevin McCarthy is on a roll…and I hope it doesn’t stop anytime soon. He’s been a complete savage lately, ripping PBS reporters a new one, dragging Schiff and Swalwell through the mud, and now, going after Joe and his classified docs mess. And speaking of classified docs, I read a great bit from The Spectator, where they talked about how what Biden did was so much worse than what Trump did.

From The Spectator:

There are several key points, however, that we can look at to determine just how badly Biden mishandled his materials.
First, while there are competing arguments as to the extent of a vice president’s power to declassify documents, there is no world in which a US senator would be able to declassify them. The DoJ recovered documents from Biden’s time as a senator, which raises serious questions as to how they ended up in his personal possession. Several Democratic senators, including Tim Kaine and Dick Durbin, outlined the procedures they would have to go through to even review such materials. Kaine explained that he is only shown classified material in a SCIF (a sensitive compartmented information facility), while Durbin said he would sometimes be able to review it behind a locked door in his office with a handler present. They were never allowed to take these documents with them. How was Biden able to do so? Did he steal them?
Comparatively, Trump claimed he had a standing order to declassify all documents that were moved from the White House to Mar-a-Lago at the end of his first term as president. There is a dispute over whether he went through the appropriate procedure to declassify documents — and if there is any evidence of this “standing order” — but there is no question as to whether he had the authority to do it.

Second, Biden’s documents were found scattered across several locations, had apparently been moved multiple times and were not held securely. Biden left the vice presidency in 2017, but the Penn Biden Center was not built until 2018, meaning any documents found there must have been held somewhere else in the meantime. In addition to the “locked closet” at the Penn Biden Center, documents were also found in Biden’s garage next to this Corvette, in his “personal library” and in another yet unnamed location at the Wilmington residence. An old video shows Biden backing his Corvette into the open garage next to a stack of boxes, while photos pulled from Hunter Biden’s laptop reveal that the president’s son has also taken the vintage muscle car for a spin. Another photo from the laptop shows a box marked “Important Doc’s + Photos” [sic] left ajar on a table during a child’s birthday party. These documents were hardly stored properly. In addition, Hunter Biden was a frequent guest at the Wilmington home while the classified documents were there. The idea that Hunter may have had access to classified materials while collecting paychecks from businesses in deeply corrupt foreign countries is extremely concerning.

Trump’s documents were mostly held in a storage locker at Mar-a-Lago that was reinforced with a second lock upon the DoJ’s request. Two other classified documents were found at another storage facility outside of the Mar-a-Lago resort. There does not seem to be any question of where the documents were at any particular point in time.

Let’s also not forget that Biden had classified docs from when he was a senator…how can that be?

He had no right to have those in his possession, and he’s had them for decades now, for crying out loud… and that’s what Kevin McCarthy wants to know – how did this all come to be?

Well, he has a rather funny theory: Was Joe stuffing classified docs down his pants or something?


Kevin, you keep this up and you’re going to be a beloved America First warrior. Don’t let us down.

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