Country Star John Rich Calls Out Lindsey Graham For Exactly What He is in VIRAL Tweet…

Country Star John Rich Calls Out Lindsey Graham For Exactly What He is in VIRAL Tweet…

Lindsey Graham is a traitor. Sure, he fooled some of us for a while, but the truth is out, and there’s no going back. Lindsey has never been “MAGA” or America First. He was always all about saving his own political butt, but leopards don’t change their spots, and Lindsey is the same guy he always was — a slithering uniparty swamp snake. Lindsey is pushing us closer and closer to WW3. Here’s what he said after his recent trip to “war torn” Ukraine:

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement following his trip to Ukraine.

“I had an incredible trip to Ukraine, meeting with President Zelensky and his team. I am amazed by the determination and capabilities of the Ukrainian military and people to defend their homeland.

“The debacle regarding sending tanks to Ukraine must end. It is impossible for Ukraine to expel Russia without tanks. I am hoping Germany and the United States will both send tanks ASAP – opening up other countries’ desire to help Ukraine.

“The tanks are outcome determinative in expelling Russia from Ukraine.

“The Munich Security Conference – which is the premier national security event of the world – is being held in mid-February. It would be unbelievably embarrassing to have a meeting of the free world in Munich while Ukraine’s military needs haven’t been met.

“All the rhetoric coming out of the Munich Security Conference for decades would ring hollow if the United States, Germany and others do not supply tanks to Ukraine to counter the coming Russian offensive and expel Russia from Ukraine.”

And when it comes to Joe Biden’s classified document scandal, what does Lindsey have to say about his good buddy Joe? Oh, basically that Joe is such a good guy, who he’s known forever, and he’d never do anything “wrong.”

Oh, give us a break. 


It’s one big uniparty, and we’re not invited.

Thank God. It’s filled with liars and perverts…

Country singer John Rich has Lindsey’s number, and he nailed exactly who Lindsey is in a recent tweet that went viral, for good reason.

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Here’s what John had to say: “Lindsey Graham can’t drain the swamp, because he’s a big part of what’s clogging the drain.”

Here’s what people online had to say:

“Yes. He voted for the 1.7 trillion omnibus. He also wanted the Capitol Police to shoot patriots on January 6”

“I despise Graham. He is a big reason why we had the Russia Hoax. I will never forget. Graham is at best a double agent at worst part of FBI/ CIA team.”

“This guy is one of the biggest backstabbers around” 

“Well Graham and his rinos have SC pretty much locked up. Like it or not he’s going nowhere.”

“Why does Trump align himself with these losers?”

“Never forget that he voted to confirm Kagan to the court.”

“..Over the decades Graham has not passed up an opportunity to disappoint the republicans. Of course what can be expected from uniparty lap dog”

I don’t trust Lindsey as far as I could toss him, but I fear that one gentleman is probably right… He has South Carolina locked up, just like his RINO buddy, Tim Scott.

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