Rasmussen: Nearly Half Of Nation Believes COVID Vaccine Associated With Fatal Results

Rasmussen: Nearly Half Of Nation Believes COVID Vaccine Associated With Fatal Results

One in three Americans thinks the COVID-19 vaccine has killed someone they know, illustrating the ongoing public safety concerns about the shot. In response to the first family’s reiterated plea for vaccinations, 28% of prospective voters told Rasmussen Reports that they “personally knew” someone who they believe passed away from the adverse effects of the shot.

Furthermore, according to 49% of respondents, vaccine side effects have contributed to “unexplained fatalities,” one of the explanations cited in the newly rising hashtag “#DiedSuddenly,” which is based on a recently released documentary.

Died Although it has drawn criticism for “debunking” anti-vaccine conspiracy theories, suddenly has been viewed by almost 15 million people. By a margin of 33% to 26%, more Democrats think the shot was fatal.


Nevertheless, 71% of respondents claimed they had had the coronavirus vaccine, with Democrats leading the way with 85% of the vote compared to just 63% of Republicans and 64% of independents.

As the country prepares for what may be a third season of the virus, the White House, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and countless others have been arguing in favor of the vaccine’s safety.

Rasmussen discovered that this argument is still not being accepted by everyone. For instance, when asked if there are real safety issues or if conspiracy theorists are raising the questions, 48% responded that there are real concerns. Only 37% of respondents claimed that people who have worries promote conspiracies.


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Charlene Greenway
24 days ago

I personally believe that the vaccine is slowing k**ling people, so many are dying these days of unexplained causes. I ch*se not to get the vaccine and am fearful for my family members wh* ch*se or were forced to get it to keep their jobs. I believe that th*se responsible for mandating the vaccine sh*uld be punished.

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