There’s a New Song and Video Out About Fauci Called “Sad Little Man” And You’re Gonna Love It…

There’s a New Song and Video Out About Fauci Called “Sad Little Man” And You’re Gonna Love It…

There’s a new song out about Dr. Fauci, and it’s not a “funny parody,” it’s actually a really amazing piece, created by “Five Times August.” So, who is “Five Times August” you might be asking. Well… Five Times August is the group name for singer/songwriter Brad Skistimas (born in Lewisville, TX, August 5, 1983). He uses the name Five Times August because he considers his real name too difficult to spell and remember; the name plays off his birthday. Skistimas built up a following largely through extensive self-promotion on the Internet. After an MTV producer discovered his song “Better with You” on CD Baby and used it on the show Laguna Beach, Skistimas recorded a full-length album, Fry Street, which he self-released as a digital download in 2005, and he was able to place every song on a program on a national TV channel, including MTV, Oxygen, Lifetime, CW, and Fox Reality. In 2007, an expanded version of the album, retitled The Independent, became the first disc by an unsigned artist to go on sale at Wal-Mart.

He’s also a very powerful conservative online activist, and if you’re not following him on Twitter, you should be. You can follow him here.

Check out this song, not only is the message spot-on, the quality of it is top-notch.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“You are an true artist”

“Wow. This is amazing. The graphics are great too!” 

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“Spot-on. He’s a sad and very evil little man” 

“My favorite!! Brilliant work!”

“There is no way forward without accountability. Fauci must face justice for what he did.” 

“Lora Logan just showed me your album. I listened to your sons and I love everything. Thank you for using your talent to sing truth! I want to learn all your songs.”

“We need more of this to combat the left attempts to turn a serial killer into a hero” 

Fauci is a shameless liar, too.


These are our s0-called “experts” nowadays. They lie, spread fake news, and then call you a “conspiracy theorist” for calling them out.

Here’s where you can get the download of this amazing song. Click here.


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