New Jersey City Mandates Mask Wearing For School Students; Claims Spike Is Predicted

New Jersey City Mandates Mask Wearing For School Students; Claims Spike Is Predicted

When students return to class in Paterson, New Jersey, on Tuesday, they will be wearing masks. Three years ago, many people considered facial coverings to be in style.

Sulmi, a ninth grader, told CBS2’s Nick Caloway, “No, I don’t like wearing mine.” Venus, a student in the sixth grade, stated, “I don’t want to wear them.” District officials justified the new mask requirement, however, by pointing to an increase in COVID, influenza, and RSV infections.

Another spike is predicted, according to health experts.


“We had examined the data and discovered that 19 counties in New Jersey had a high spread. And we are aware that the spread may increase following celebrations and holidays “Eileen Shafer, the superintendent of Paterson Public Schools, stated.

Not all pupils disagree with the requirement.


Elizabeth, a seventh-grader, stated that COVID was returning and that there were numerous cases. “I’m not sure. It resembles a love-hate relationship “Nalaisha Clark, an eighth student, stated.

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Even if they admitted they don’t really want to, some people told Caloway it’s a good idea to lie. “I’m not sure how to adequately describe how wearing a mask impacts me. There are several staircases at my school. I may therefore say that both yes and no. You need to remove your mask before climbing the stairs so you can take a breather. However, the instructor commands, “Put it on, put it on!”” said Clark.

But Clark’s mother claimed that if disguising up meant keeping her family safe, she is in favor of it. “I simply advise her to always use hand sanitizer and wear her mask. Stay away from someone if they say they don’t feel well “Angela Joseph stated.

Face veils are now required at schools in Paterson, joining the neighboring city of Passaic. No district provided a completion date. Masks will hopefully become optional once more as soon as feasible, according to officials in both cities.

According to Paterson officials, if a pupil arrives at school without a mask, one will be given to them.




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