PA Woman Charged With Murdering Her Parents, Hacking Them With a Chainsaw, And Tossing Them in The Garbage

PA Woman Charged With Murdering Her Parents, Hacking Them With a Chainsaw, And Tossing Them in The Garbage

Wow. This story is grisly. It’s involves a Pennsylvania woman, who is charged with murdering and dismembering her 70+ year old parents with a chainsaw, and then tossing their body parts in the trash bin. Sounds like there is some very horrific mental issues going on in this family. 6 ABC reported that a woman has been arrested and charged with killing her parents after their dismembered bodies were found in their Jenkintown, Pa. home.

Verity Beck, 43, is charged with first-degree murder and third-degree murder and is being held without bail.

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele said police arrived at the home on the 1100 block of Beverly Road on Tuesday night.

That’s where 73-year-old Reid Beck and 72-year-old Miriam Beck, a former Lower Moreland High School nurse, were found dead.

According to the criminal complaint, their son arrived at the home earlier in the night and saw what appeared to be a body under a blanket.

Investigators say he talked to his sister for about 30 minutes. Police say Verity Beck told her brother that things at the home had “been bad.”

Her brother told Verity that she needed to call the police, investigators said, and Verity responded that she needed “more time.”

The brother left, returned to his home, and called 911, police say.

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Officers entered the home to find a body tightly wrapped in a white bed sheet, and Steele said there was evidence of a second deceased person.

“There were signs of extreme trauma present,” Steele said.

Police say that when officers entered the home they asked Verity Beck, “Where are your parents?” She allegedly responded, “They are dead.”

A chainsaw was located near one of the bodies, Steele said, and both victims were in “various stages of dismemberment.”

“Verity used this chainsaw and put parts of her parents into trash bags and had covered them up. They were actually in two different trash cans,” Steele said.

The Action Cam was on the scene as officials from the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office removed a trashcan covered with red plastic from the scene.

The coroner determined both victims died from a gunshot wound to the head. Several firearms were recovered from the home, Steele said.

The daughter lived inside the home with her parents.

And motive-wise, is likely money, because police found a large safe with “drilled” holes in it.

Sounds like Verity needed some cash.


How horrific for her poor parents. May they rest in peace.

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