Biden WH Not Happy About Paul Gosar And Marjorie Taylor Greene Added Back On Committees

Biden WH Not Happy About Paul Gosar And Marjorie Taylor Greene Added Back On Committees

The GOP’s selection of Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Paul Gosar of Arizona to the House Oversight Committee was blasted by the White House on Wednesday, allegedly demonstrating the party’s lack of commitment to bipartisan governance and obsession with political theater.

“As we have already stated, the Biden Administration is prepared to cooperate in good faith in order to meet the legitimate oversight requirements of Congress. However, it appears that House Republicans may be setting the stage for unrealistic political stunts with the addition of these members to the Oversight Committee rather than working across party lines for the benefit of Americans “According to The Hill, White House spokesman Ian Sams made the statement.


He stated, “House Republican leaders should explain why they are permitting these people to serve on this Committee and reveal publicly once and for all what secret bargains they made to the extreme MAGA members in order to elect a Speaker.”


Gosar and Greene were encouraged to join the committee, which is presided over by Kentucky Republican Rep. James Comer, by the House GOP Steering Committee. In the previous Congress, both lost their committee assignments.

In Greene’s instance, her departure was brought about by a number of contentious remarks she made before taking office. The strangest part of Gosar’s dismissal and formal censure was that it came after he posted a promotional video in which he played the part of the anti-hero Eren Jaeger in the opening sequence of the well-known anime “Attack on Titan.” Over Jaeger’s opponents, many well-known Democrats were placed, giving the impression that Gosar was ruthlessly executing them.

One of several GOP-led investigations into the Biden administration will be conducted by the Oversight Committee, thus its members will undoubtedly be in the public eye throughout that investigation.

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During the lower chamber’s leadership race, Gosar was one of Kevin McCarthy’s most vocal critics, while Greene was a major backer of the now-House Speaker. After making adjustments for more conservative representation in order to win over his detractors, McCarthy was appointed to the key committee.





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