Biden’s Poll Numbers Fall Again During Secret Material Mishandling

Biden’s Poll Numbers Fall Again During Secret Material Mishandling

According to a recent poll, President Biden’s approval rating has fallen to 40% amid criticism about the handling of secret materials that have been found in his former office and Wilmington, Delaware, residence.

According to a recent Reuters-Ipsos poll, 40% of Americans are satisfied with Biden’s job performance. The three-day poll came to an end on Sunday, the final day of news regarding the discovery of a classified document, and coincided with the White House’s messaging on the subject.


Biden’s approval rating is getting close to its lowest point, which was 36% in May and June. The president’s approval rating has dropped significantly from earlier this month, when it climbed to 44.1 percent, its highest level since October 2021.

The poll was taken a few days after CBS reported that paperwork had been discovered at a Biden office in Washington between his stint as vice president and the 2020 presidential race in November. Then, over the course of the previous week, Biden’s Wilmington house received two more batches of documents.

Invoking an ongoing Justice Department investigation and the appointment of a special counsel by Attorney General Merrick Garland, White House officials have been adamant that they are constrained in how much they can say about the discovery of the documents, what is in them, and when the president was made aware of the situation.

The president stated last week that the discovery of the papers at his former office startled him and that he is unsure of what is contained in them. Republicans, who have been emboldened by the situation, have criticized the president for how he has handled documents.

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Biden is on schedule to announce his reelection intentions in the coming weeks, despite the controversy surrounding the documents. The president plans to announce his intention to run for a second term around the time when Biden delivers the State of the Union address on February 7.

Among a total of 1,035 respondents, the most recent Reuters-Ipsos poll was conducted from January 13 to 15. The poll’s error margin is plus or minus three percentage points.





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