Jon Stewart Share Brutally Honest Thoughts On Media Coverage Of Biden’s Secret Documents Discovery

Jon Stewart Share Brutally Honest Thoughts On Media Coverage Of Biden’s Secret Documents Discovery

Recently, Jon Stewart had authors Robby Slowik and Jay Jurden on his podcast The Problem with Jon Stewart to talk about this very thing. To set the tone, Slowik remarked, “I love the Biden slow trickle here. He’s like a magician who never stops twirling his handkerchief. And it’s simply secret paperwork; every time you think you’re finished, there’s one more classified document.”


“The media is fractured, so it’s simply a trickling drip,” Stewart explained. The device is defective. No one can place this in any sort of historical or cultural context. They have stopped doing anything else and are just talking. They’re trying to one-up Trump, who allegedly locked them up in a warehouse. These were near Biden’s automobile. Trump heated his in a toaster. Like mints at the end of a diner dinner, he was handing them out to customers. Does this make the 2024 match-up fairer, as they seem to be implying?

Stewart elaborated, “Like — they’re fucking broken.”

I don’t mean to be flippant, but you’re telling me a 70-year-old and an 80-year-old still have possessions at the old house. “I believe it,” Jurden remarked.

As a joke, Stewart said, “I’m elderly” is the best excuse he’s heard for not having read the papers.

Here’s the bit I just can’t get over,” Stewart elaborated. As the saying goes, “It’s all stamped. Everything has a ‘classified’ stamp on it. If you’re doing any sorting at all, it seems like you’d set that stuff aside. Furthermore, I think it exemplifies the sense of superiority that comes with that status. We like to believe that attitude was first articulated by Richard Nixon when he said, “It’s not criminal if the president does it,” but the reality is that all of these people are fuckwits and hold this view. All of them, each and every one.

Do you think it’s malice or some sort of unspoken rules, Jurden probed? I don’t think there’s any malice involved. Stewart speculated, “I think it’s the entitlement.”

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I’ve only ever been exposed to the entertainment industry, and it’s the only one that seems anything like this. Have you ever attended a premiere and noticed that some seats are taped off? This happens even in the glamorous world of Hollywood. Also, Scott Rudin will be seated there. When someone dares to sit there, however, the group of people in black suits and with headphones on goes absolutely nuts. Because of the security compromise, Stewart continued, “this artificial hurdle that was never meant to be set was raised based on entitlement and ego.”

And if you violate this clearance, which is completely arbitrary, the whole area goes crazy. To my mind, it most likely is that. “I don’t think it’s malice; I think it’s a manner of being accustomed to a position where, at the click of a button, they must bring you a Diet Coke,” he said.





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