You’ll Never Guess Which Superstar Patriot President Trump Had Dinner With…

You’ll Never Guess Which Superstar Patriot President Trump Had Dinner With…

Well, President Trump hosted a very special guest at Mar-a-Lago, and you’ll never guess who it was. I can tell you that it’s a female, and she’s an amazing patriot, who has done more to battle against the pedophile left, and the crazy school teachers who are trying to sexualize and indoctrinate our kids, than pretty much anybody on the planet. You might know this amazing lady as the Twitter account called, “Libs of TikTok” but her real name is Chaya Raichk. Chaya was recently doxxed and outed by the left, who were hoping to stop her from calling out the perverted insanity on the left… but it didn’t work. She’s embracing all of it, and fighting even harder than ever.

Atta girl! 

The New York Post reported that for the last two years, I have been widely known by my Twitter handle, Libs of TikTok. My anonymity afforded me the opportunity to expose the radical-leftist agenda without fearing for my personal safety, but it also created a vacuum for rumors to fester about my true identity.

In fact, Washington Post writer Taylor Lorenz was so impressed by my work, she thought I must have been a Republican operative or foreign agent and set out to uncover the person behind my account. When she discovered who I actually was, Tay Tay was unable to write me into her narrative, so she decided to dox me instead.

Even after my doxing, I was able to remain a faceless figure, combating the radical-leftist agenda from behind a screen. Although my name was out there, my face remained hidden, and I felt comfortable keeping it that way — but that all changed in the last couple of months. Thanks to Tay Tay, Libs of TikTok’s popularity skyrocketed. I was overwhelmed by the messages of support I received and realized my work was more necessary than ever before.

But I knew something had to change. Here I was, using my anonymity as a shield from the tyranny of the majority, but I quickly realized that I was in the majority.

So proud of this amazing young lady, and now look at her – she’s sitting and dining with the greatest president this country has ever had!

Look at this beautiful photo:

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Two warriors smiling, and both doing their part to save this country from the demonic left.

Gotta love it!

Also, President Trump looks fantastic, doesn’t he? He looks so healthy, and vibrant, and full of life. Wonderful to see!

H/T: Citizen Free Press 

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