Biden Tells House Republicans He’ll Veto Any Legislation Targeting IRS

Biden Tells House Republicans He’ll Veto Any Legislation Targeting IRS

On Thursday, President Joe Biden vowed to veto any legislation that would target the Internal Revenue Service or enact a “national sales tax.”

Last week, a bill sponsored by House Republicans that called for slashing the IRS’s spending by billions was enacted. The Senate, where Democrats have the majority, is not expected to approve the bill.

“On inflation, House Republicans ran their campaign. They did not state that their goal, if elected, was to increase inflation “stated Biden. Let me be crystal clear: I will veto any of these laws if they reach my desk.


Like many Americans, Biden expressed disappointment at the fact that the first package that House Republicans enacted would benefit affluent individuals and large corporations at the expense of regular middle-class taxpayers.

Additionally, Biden rejected an idea for “sarcastically responding, “That’s a terrific idea, a national sales tax. By taxing thousands of commonplace products like food and gas, it would increase taxes on the middle class while lowering taxes for the wealthiest Americans.”

Biden told the media: “Tell your moms when you get home. They will be quite happy about that.”

President Biden firmly opposes House Republicans’ intentions to impose an enormous tax increase on middle-class families in exchange for additional tax benefits for the wealthy and large businesses, according to White House spokesperson Andrew Bates, who previously told Fox News Digital.

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The American people, who largely support the president’s attempts to have multinational corporations and the wealthiest taxpayers pay their fair part, are the president’s main priority, according to Bates.




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