Hollywood Celebs Accused Of Breaking Investor Protection Regulations | Report
Sun, a Grenada-based diplomat and Jack Ma’s protege, was accused by CNBC of cheating investors by making Tronix and BitTorrent appear frequently traded when they weren’t. The SEC accuses Sun of arrangi ... Read More.
Ron DeSantis: Vladimir Putin Is A War Criminal
According to Fox News, DeSantis said, “I think [Putin] is antagonistic to the United States, but I think the issue that we’ve seen is he doesn’t have the conventional capabilities to accomplish his asp ... Read More.
Public Confidence In The Banking Sector Has Plummeted Since Failure Of Two Major Banks
Earlier this month, Silicon Valley Bank failed because it had insufficient funds to cover customer withdrawals and had to liquidate assets to stay open. Some days later, cryptocurrency-focused Signatur ... Read More.
Why Does It Seem So Many People Seem To Dismiss China And Russia Marriage?
According to Putin, relations between Russia and China “practically serve as the foundation for regional and even global stability today.” He greeted his “dear friend,” Xi, who expressed his “deep than ... Read More.
Team USA Will Never Forget World Baseball Classic; Vows To Return
There were sensational games throughout the tournament, Japan’s dramatic comeback victory over Mexico, Mexico’s trouncing of USA, the riveting Venezuela-USA game, and, of course, the ultimate showdown ... Read More.
If Indicted, Donald Trump Wants To Be Handcuffed | REPORT
According to a Wednesday Guardian piece, Trump wants to be handcuffed because he believes the campaign finance violation investigation is biased. Pictures of him being led by police into a courtroom ma ... Read More.
DeSantis Critical Of Trump's Management Style Including Not Firing Dr. Fauci
During his interview with Morgan, DeSantis was extremely critical of Trump’s management style, citing the firing of Dr. Anthony Fauci as an example of how he would have handled the situation differentl ... Read More.
Colorado Dentist Accused Of Killing Wife, Mother Of 6; Poisoned Her Through Protein Shakes
“He investigated many ‘undetectable poisons’ while utilizing this account,” court filings state. “How much pure arsenic will kill a human?” and “Is arsenic detectable in autopsy” were in his Google his ... Read More.
Tucker Carlson: Let Me Explain My Texts Against Donald Trump
The Trump campaign had sent him the names of these dead voters who had cast their ballots, and we went and I repeated them on air and it turned out that some of them were alive. “But I’m enraged that m ... Read More.
MSNBC Doubles Down On Targeting Donald Trump And Possible Low Ratings With New Jen Psaki Show
In other words, she will now look for easy political points to advance the same narrative she promoted under the current administration. Without a certain, if she attempted to have the woke debate with ... Read More.
Philadelphia Reaches Huge $9.25M Settlement With 2020 During George Floyd Protest Victims
A complaint filed on behalf of 343 protestors claimed they had suffered “physical and emotional damage caused by the City’s response to civil unrest and demonstrations,” and the city announced on Monda ... Read More.
WH Reporter Blasts Karine Jean-Pierre For Discrimination; Tense Exchange Leads To Shouting
“By doing what you do, you are disgracing the First Amendment. For seven months now. You have not contacted me. You ignore my communications. I’m saying that’s not appropriate. That’s incorrect, he dec ... Read More.
DEA Declares "Tranq" The Worst Drug Our Nation Has Ever Faced!
One of Tranq’s negative effects is the development of ulcers in various body regions, which might occasionally result in the amputation of fingers or entire limbs. According to some specialists, xylazi ... Read More.
Manhattan Grand Jury Schedules Another Witness; Trump Indictment Could Be Next Week
In the event of an indictment, according to a source close to the former president, “Trump will surrender in Florida and go to New York to be arraigned.” Also, rather than participating in a virtual se ... Read More.
House Republicans Continue Show Support For Donald Trump; Not Able to Fend Off Indictment
The three House Republicans wrote that Bragg’s inquiry “needs legislative scrutiny about how public safety funding authorized by Congress are executed by local law enforcement agencies” and linked it t ... Read More.

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