WH Reporter Blasts Karine Jean-Pierre For Discrimination; Tense Exchange Leads To Shouting
“By doing what you do, you are disgracing the First Amendment. For seven months now. You have not contacted me. You ignore my communications. I’m saying that’s not appropriate. That’s incorrect, he dec ... Read More.
House Republicans Continue Show Support For Donald Trump; Not Able to Fend Off Indictment
The three House Republicans wrote that Bragg’s inquiry “needs legislative scrutiny about how public safety funding authorized by Congress are executed by local law enforcement agencies” and linked it t ... Read More.
House Oversight Committee DEMANDS Manhattan DA TO Testify About Going After Political Oppoent
On Monday morning, Jordan made an appearance on Fox News’ The Faulkner Focus to discuss the additional demands he has made of Bragg, including requesting documents related to the investigation into Tru ... Read More.
Cohen Seems Jealous MAGA Didn't Support Him When He Was Going Through Litigation; Where Was My Support?
While they were doing it to me, where was the outrage? They were silent, I guess. They are now in a panic because their supreme leader appears to be going to have some significant problems. ... Read More.
Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen: Trump Wants Another Violent Battle
The former president urged his supporters to demonstrate and “take our nation back,” claiming that “illegal leaks” suggest that “the far & away leading Republican contender & former president of the Un ... Read More.
Donald J. Trump Alleges He Will Be Arrested On Tuesday
The former president, who is running for president in 2024, was asked to appear last week before a Manhattan grand jury; on Monday, his longtime fixer and former attorney Michael Cohen did so. ... Read More.
Trump's Team Releases Statement Before Tentative Manhattan DA Meeting Next Week
“Everyone is aware of the fraud. In order to ‘Get Trump’ locally, the Department of Justice actually staffed the district attorney’s office with top DC officials. Americans will not put up with radical ... Read More.
Trump Lawyer: If Former President Is Indicted, He Will Surrender And Follow Protocol
The former president will undoubtedly be accompanied by Secret Service personnel during his arrest and court appearances. ... Read More.
Silicon Valley Bank Donor Recipients Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters To Give Gains To Charities
SVB CEO contributed Schumer $5,800 in June 2021, to the FEC. Open Secrets, a non-profit that tracks campaign donations, says the bank’s PAC donated Schumer $2,700 in 2016. On Tuesday, Politico reported ... Read More.
Biden To Republicans: Instead Of Defunding The FBI, How About Passing My Budget
Biden said his budget last week included expanding mental health treatment for gun violence victims. Our MAGA Republican allies want Congress to reduce these programs, eliminate the FBI, and starve the ... Read More.
Federal Authorities Have Opened Up Investigation Into Silicon Valley Bank Debacle
Perhaps no allegations of wrongdoing will be made at all. But, the Journal and the New York Times report that regulators will investigate executive stock transactions by CEO Gregory Becker and CFO Dani ... Read More.
House Oversight Committee Wants Hunter's Bank Records NOW!
“These documents deepen our understanding of various areas of concern and have created new lines of investigation regarding the Biden family’s business strategies,” a House Oversight Committee represen ... Read More.
Trump Attorney Says Client Not Participating In Manhattan District Attorney's Probe
Trump attorney Joe Tacopina wrote to New York City Department of Investigation Commissioner Jocelyn Strauber on Monday, “He won’t be participating in that proceeding—a proceeding that we and most elect ... Read More.
From No Government Bailout To Bailout Approval; Silicon Valley Bank To Survive Massive Crisis
After meeting with the President and accepting a recommendation from the FDIC and Federal Reserve boards, Secretary Yellen authorized the FDIC to completely protect depositors in its resolution of Sili ... Read More.
Pence Targets Trump, Carlson At Gridiron Dinner; Praises Media
Pence boldly blasted Trump, saying he was not fearful for himself but angry at him for the disgusting remarks his former campaign mate made throughout the day, including threats on Pence and images of ... Read More.

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