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Doocy vs. Jean-Pierre 127
Peter Doocy actually has a very important question here about reported millions for the Biden family as reported by the House Oversight Committee ... Watch Now.
Rand Paul Grills Moderna CEO Which Causes Confusion
How is it that the CEO of Moderna doesn’t know how many times his children have been vaccinated and received the boosters? Especially when you are pushing for others to receive the same treatment? ... Watch Now.
Candace Owens Threatens To Call Police If Parent Trans Gender's Her Child
If Morris were to transfer her child, Owens vowed to be the first to notify the police. “…I really hope that she keeps swaying to this side because she will finally trip over herself. She will eventua ... Watch Now.
Uganda Anti-Gay Bill: Outlaws identifying as LGBTQ; WH Not Happy
Uganda’s parliament criminalized homosexuality. More than 30 African nations, including Uganda, criminalize same-sex relations. The new law appears to be the first to ban homosexual, gay, bisexual, tra ... Watch Now.
Kash Patel Launches Money Smuggling Allegations Against Joe Biden
Kash Patel alleges Joe Biden is smuggling money in from China in this video clip ... Watch Now.
Where Does Joe Biden Stand On Reparations Issue?
Because of how much he boosted inflation, every poor person in this country, regardless of race or ethnicity, now needs to spend more money just to survive. He has certainly made good on his promise to ... Watch Now.
Donald Trump - Dismantling The Deep State
In light of the growing likelihood that he will be indicted, former President Trump has revealed his strategy to “dismantle the deep state” in a video that has been shared on social media. ... Watch Now.
Tucker Carlson Explains His Unflattering Remarks About Donald Trump
Tucker Carlson, host of a Fox News program, attempted to clear the air during an interview on “Bo Snerdley’s Rush Hour” with host James Golden, the longtime producer for legendary conservative radio ki ... Watch Now.
MSNBC Doubles Down On Targeting Trump With New Jen Psaki Show
Jen Psaki’s new MSNBC show launched Sunday with a who’s who of propaganda puff articles and some punching down. The liberal echo chamber fawned over the “circle back” communicator’s new weekly show, “ ... Watch Now.
Philadelphia Reaches Huge $9.25M Settlement With 2020 During George Floyd Protest Victims
The City of Philadelphia and Philadelphia Police will have to pay more than $9 million dollars to hundreds of people who were tear gassed and hit with rubber bullets during protests following the death ... Watch Now.
Newsmax Guest Uses Profanity during Segment; Host Apologizes
On Monday night, a pro-Trump guest went on an expletive-filled rant about the expected indictment of former President Donald Trump in New York City, prompting Newsmax anchor Jenn Pellegrino to issue an ... Watch Now.
‘Tranq' Taking a Toll on Drug Users in Philadelphia
The effects of Xylazine, a.k.a. “Tranq,” are being felt and seen among drug users in Philadelphia. Wound treatment vans are being dispatched in the Kensington neighborhood to treat those with infection ... Watch Now.
Speaker Kevin McCarthy Demolishes the New York D.A.
It doesn’t matter if it’s President Trump or a Democrat. Our justice system should not be used to target political opponents. Period. ... Watch Now.
WH Reporter Claims KJP Is Disrespecting Him By Not Calling On Him
Reporter Simon Ateba of Today News Africa has previously caused a stir at press conferences by claiming that White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre does not call on him frequently enough. This ... Watch Now.
Jordan Shrugs Off Potential Trump Indictment as 'Some Bookkeeping Error'
Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) dismissed rumors that former president Donald Trump is about to be charged with falsifying company records in connection with reportedly setting up a hush money payment to concea ... Watch Now.

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