Biden’ Nuclear Armageddon Warning Needs More Criticism Than Silence

In response to his American counterpart’s Friday warning of nuclear Armageddon, French President Emmanuel Macron said that “we must talk with caution” about such crucial issues. When he warned of the impending possibility of a nuclear calamity at a fundraising luncheon, President Joe Biden made headlines all around the world.

Biden went farther in his language than any other member of John F. Kennedy’s administration when he remarked at a fundraiser for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee that the risk has not been this great since the 1962 Cuban missile crisis. Since Kennedy and the Cuban missile crisis, Biden stated, “We have not confronted the possibility of Armageddon.”

Paranoid delusions are the lone factor that consistently distinguishes persons with mental illness as a threat to others. And when a person with dementia has paranoia (which is prevalent in advanced stages), their poor judgment and impaired cognition might cause them to act irrationally in a hostile manner. When someone has access to nuclear weapons, it is not a good mix.

Those egregious claims didn’t seem to sit well with Macron.

The next day, the French president reportedly observed, “We must speak with caution when commenting on such topics.” In particular, while discussing nuclear weapons, “I have always refused to indulge in political fiction.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin is “not kidding when he warns about the use of tactical nuclear weapons, biological weapons, or chemical weapons,” according to Biden, who noted that Russia is gravely struggling in the conflict in Ukraine. Because, according to Biden, “his military is, you might say, badly underperforming,” the Associated Press said.

When he pledged to preserve the “territorial integrity of our homeland” by “all the measures at our disposal” last month, Putin alarmed Westerners since his words were generally perceived as a nuclear threat.

Macron’s comments, though, suggest he could believe that both Biden and Putin are exaggerating the danger.

Biden appeared to get criticism for declaring that Putin needs a “off ramp” from the Finnish Prime Minister, Sanna Marin.

In response to a question on Biden’s remarks, she stated that Russia leaving Ukraine was the only way to end this crisis. “That is how you resolve the conflict.”

When questioned about it by reporters onboard Air Force One, the White House tried to allay worries that the war may turn into a nuclear fight.

On Friday, Jean-Pierre told reporters, “We have seen no cause to change our own strategic nuclear posture, and we have no information that Russia is getting ready to deploy nuclear weapons imminently.”

It’s tough to separate the truth from the exaggeration, as it is with everything this administration says. Biden’s implied message is that if you give the Republicans power, Armageddon will follow. Democrats just care about escalating the fear factor before shifting the responsibility for their egregious mistakes.

Recall that there is a group of influential people who believe there are too many people on the planet. They’ll use whatever method is required to lower that figure, including starting a war or developing a virus that they can disseminate globally.

In our nation, many of our leaders have been utter failures, both as leaders and as good individuals. They have been given over to a reprobate mentality while being guided to ruin by forces of darkness. They’re trying to have us bombed. If they continue in their current direction, their efforts will be successful. While unarmed Americans are forced to bear the repercussions of their decisions to mock and publicly invite war to our borders, they will be secure in one of their recently stocked subterranean bunkers filled with their recent purchases of iodide. Why? Since we’ve previously acknowledged knowing about their bioweapon laboratories, the Ukraine—a corrupt nation in and of itself—seems to be our puppet. The tale is complicated, though, by fear. According to the news I’ve read, they are afraid of Putin exposing the 300 or so government officials who are traitors to our country, according to the news I’ve read. Putin very likely does indeed possess all of those “goods.”

The government no longer serves the interests of the American people and acts in our best interests. Simply put, I want to know if “they” want to stay in our recently attacked nation, relocate to China, or go somewhere else.

If ever there was a cause to quickly remove Biden from office, this is it. We just cannot continue to have someone in charge of our country with his poor IQ and mental capacity. The communist/democrats don’t care that he is leading us directly into doom. Before it’s too late, people need to wake up.

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