Biden Administration Cancels $7.7 Billion in Student Loans, Benefiting 160,000 Borrowers
The Biden administration cancels $7.7 billion in federal student loans, benefiting 160,000 borrowers. This move is part of a larger plan to erase $167 billion in student debt for nearly 5 million Ameri ... Read More.
Britney Spears' Social Media Stir: Divorce, Alarming Content, and a Naked Video - Fans Express Concern
Concern rises as Britney Spears posts a nude video on Instagram amidst personal struggles. Updates on the singer’s alarming social media posts and past cryptic messages. ... Read More.
Trump Admits to Avoiding Testifying in Hush Money Trial Due to His Past
Donald Trump’s hesitance to testify in his hush money trial due to concerns about his past being exposed by prosecutors. Judge confirms his right to testify despite earlier claims. ... Read More.
Tragic Loss: World's First Jaguar Born by Artificial Insemination Dies in Mother's Care
The world’s first jaguar born through artificial insemination tragically dies after being reportedly attacked and eaten by its mother. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the cub’s short life at Mata Ciliar in ... Read More.
Interpol Issues Red Notice for Mother and Son in Istanbul Crash: International Pursuit Begins; Fled To U.S.
Interpol approves Turkey’s red notice request for 17-year-old involved in deadly Istanbul accident, along with his mother who fled to the US. ... Read More.
Body Cam Footage Reveals High-Speed USPS Mail Van Chase in Sandusky County
Sandusky County Deputy’s body cam footage of a traffic stop near Fremont where a USPS mail van was caught speeding at 100 mph in a 60 mph zone. See the incident unfold. ... Read More.
17-Year-Old "Dorothy Jeanius" Makes History with Doctoral Degree in Behavioral Health
Meet Dorothy Jean Tillman II, the youngest person to earn a doctoral degree in integrated behavioral health at age 17. Known as “Dorothy Jeanius,” she shares her inspiring journey, attributing her succ ... Read More.
Dramatic Turn of Events: Student-Teacher Basketball Game Interrupted by Unexpected Collapse
During a typical student-teacher basketball game, Kattola suddenly felt ill and collapsed in the gym. This led to the dramatic episode. ... Watch Now.
Atlantic City Casino Jackpot Dispute: Woman Denied $1.2 Million Win Due to Slot Machine Malfunction
Woman from New Jersey, Ronney Beal, denied $1.2 million jackpot by Atlantic City casino due to machine malfunction during “Wheel of Fortune” slot game at Bally’s Casino. ... Read More.
Daycare Drama: Instructors Accused of Encouraging Child Fights in South Carolina
Daycare instructors in South Carolina accused of encouraging fights among young children and failing to intervene. Shocking details of instructing 3 and 4-year-olds to engage in physical acts like slap ... Watch Now.
Zelensky's Political Powers Have Expired And With No New Elections, Is the U.S. Calling the Shots Now?
Get the latest on Ukrainian President Zelensky’s political situation, the impact of martial law on elections, and the uncertainty surrounding Ukraine’s future and NATO membership. ... Read More.
Tragic Dare: Teens Missing After Bridge Jump, Found in South Carolina Lake
Two teens missing after a bridge jump dare in South Carolina found in Hartwell Lake. School District confirms students’ identities. Ages 15 and 16, sophomores found 8 feet apart in 15-foot water. ... Watch Now.
Trump Campaign Threatens Legal Action Over "The Apprentice" Portrayal at Cannes
Donald Trump’s reelection campaign denounces “The Apprentice” movie at Cannes Film Festival as “pure fiction,” vowing legal action. Campaign spokesman calls it “blatantly false assertions from pretend ... Watch Now.
Scarlett Johansson Originally Turned Down Voice Opportunity For ChatGPT System; Did Nobody Tell Them?
Scarlett Johansson declines OpenAI’s use of her voice in ChatGPT system after demo goes public. OpenAI investigates following concerns over voice similarity. ... Watch Now.
Ventura's Lawyer Slams Combs' Apology: More About Himself Than His Victims
Sean “Diddy” Combs’ ex-girlfriend’s lawyer from Wigdor LLP reacts to Combs’ apology, highlighting his self-centered approach and dismissing his sincerity towards those he hurt. ... Read More.

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