The Democratic Party's Agenda: Ideology, Power, and Finances - Who Do They Really Serve?
The Democratic Party’s level of interest in America as a nation has diminished. The Democratic party, along with their more extreme and aggressive supporters, known as their radical and violent base, a ... Read More.
NY Judge's Shock Ruling: Trump's Real Estate Empire Built on Fraud
Judge Engoron ruled in a civil lawsuit filed by the New York attorney general. The former president and his company were found guilty of deceptive practices, including inflating asset values and exagge ... Read More.
Sen. Bob Menendez Stands Firm Amid Indictment and Cash Controversy: No Plans to Resign
Senator Bob Menendez refuses to resign from his Senate position despite bribery charges. He claims ownership of the cash found in his residence, clarifying that it came from personal savings accounts. ... Read More.
Impeachment Inquiry into President Biden to Begin: Key Witnesses Named
The impeachment inquiry into President Biden will commence on Thursday, with the House calling upon a forensic accountant, a constitutional scholar, and a former Justice Department tax supervisor as it ... Read More.
PA State Trooper Charged with False Imprisonment and Unlawful Admission: A Shocking Case of Abuse of Power
In Pennsylvania, a State Police trooper who is married has been charged with false imprisonment. The trooper is accused of forcefully detaining his ex-girlfriend and unlawfully admitting her to a menta ... Watch Now.
Trump Takes the Lead: New Poll Shows 10-Point Advantage Over Biden in 2024 Presidential Race!
According to a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll, President Biden is facing challenges in gaining approval from a skeptical public. Dissatisfaction is increasing specifically in relation to his hand ... Read More.
BREAKDOWN: Sen. Menendez Faces Bribery Charges: Extravagant Gifts and Corruption Scandal Unveiled
Senator Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) and his wife’s indictment has had a major impact on Washington’s political landscape. As chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee, Menendez holds a powerful p ... Read More.
Foreign Minister Alleges Direct Confrontation: Is Ukraine the Battleground in a US-Russia War?
According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, there is a direct confrontation between the United States, its allies, and Moscow. Lavrov believes Ukraine is being used as a tool in this conflict, ... Read More.
China-Arab States Expo Boosts Bilateral Engagement with $23.4 Billion in Deals; U.S. A No Show
The recently concluded trade fair aimed at strengthening the relationship between China and the Arab world concluded on Sunday. According to state media, companies participating in the fair signed agre ... Watch Now.
McCarthy Announces Plan to Keep $300M Ukraine Aid In Pentagon Funding Bill: Find Out Why
During a press conference held in the Capitol, Speaker Kevin McCarthy informed reporters about his decision to retain the $300 million of Ukraine aid within the bill. He explained that he arrived at th ... Read More.
Poland's Prime Minister Takes Stand Against Ukraine President: Warns Against Insults towards Poles
The dispute escalated as Poland’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, expressed offense towards Ukraine President’s comments. Morawiecki issued a warning, emphasizing the need to avoid future insults t ... Read More.
Justice Served: Conviction in Heartbreaking Case of Murdered Teen and Unborn Child
Johnathan Quiles has been convicted of first-degree murder in the unfortunate and heartbreaking case involving the death of his pregnant niece, Iyana Sawyer. The recent delivery of the verdict has prov ... Watch Now.
Senator Menendez Indicted Again: $480k Cash Found in Residence, Second Bribery Charge in Six Years
In June 2022, federal agents conducted a search on the residence of the New Jersey senator as stated in the indictment. During this search, they discovered what is being referred to as the “fruits” of ... Watch Now.
President's Autoworker Meetings: A Clash in Detroit!
Critics have raised concerns about President Biden’s level of support for striking autoworkers, despite his claims of being one of the most pro-union presidents in recent history. On Friday, the presid ... Read More.
Record-Breaking Influx Of Unauthorized Immigrants: Unprecedented Challenge for the Biden Administration
In the month of August, Homeland Security observed a significant influx of unauthorized migrants entering the country, totaling 304,162 individuals. This figure surpasses the previous monthly record an ... Read More.

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